Dalmata Mentés

Treff feels a little better

Treff is doing a little better but he’s still under vet care

Unfortunately, it takes more time for the bowel inflammation to heal, Treff had diarrhea this week. We are waiting for the results of the lab tests. His appetite is quite good, he likes his special diet, eats and drinks fine and he’s obviously doing better every day. He cuddles more and he pays a lot more attention to his foster family, so they let him walk off leash in their garden. It seems he received some training earlier, he knows how to heel and by stopping, he sits down and looks up at his handler. Though he tends to pull the leash, this behaviour is most likely driven by his eagerness to explore his environment, so his caretakers take him for walks every day. They take care of his diet properly in order to help him regain his health and strength.

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