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The Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue is a non-profit organization, its operation fully depends on the incoming donations and the generous contribution of our team members.
When we take over the care of a Dalmatian – may it be purebreed or a mix -, we have to face several costs. At best the dog is healthy. However many dogs have been neglected at some stage of their lives, therefore they need to undergo medical examinations first.

Our volunteers have other Dalmatians and they can not take the responsibility of fostering a dog that could possibly infect their own dogs. When we take over a Dalmatian, the dog has to get the general vaccinations, deworming and the veterinarian performs a bloodtest and an ultrasound examination if it’ necessary. In any case the dog gets microchipped. More Dalmatian have been adopted abroad so far. If so they need a passport and we also have to pay the traveling expenses back and forth.
In general our fostered dogs spend more than just a week in their foster homes. More than often they stay there for months, especially when the dog is injured and needs to be rehabilitated. During this time we have to provide them food. Usually the costs are paid by our volunteers who share their homes with the dog. They socialize the dog at their own costs and they stand by them during their recovery after the sterilization is completed. They also take the risk that the dog might ruin their home, the furnishment and their own animals, too.

The basic medical care of a healthy dog and the basic costs of rescue works are the following:

  • vaccinations, dewormings: 10.000,-
  • microchip, passport: 12.000,-
  • bloodtest: 10.000,-
  • ultrasound examination: 8.000,-
  • parasite prevention: 1.000,-
  • sterilization: 20.000,-
  • transport 15.000,-

This is altogether 76.000 Ft for only one dog.
Considering an injured or ill dog this sum can easily be multiplied (hospital bills, medicaments, further operations) and we haven’t mentioned the long-term costs of fostering a dog: dog chow, pension for months, until the dog finds a loving home.
If we are lucky and the dog finds a home after 3 months for example, the rehabilitation and treatment of a single dog can reach 100.000 Ft, which has to be paid by the Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue.

We are not entitled to receive 1% tax and we do not get any support from state or other organizations. In absence of regular financial support every small amount counts!
We honour your generous donations with a Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue pin in case you support us with a minimum amount of 1000 Ft (~ €4).
Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue
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