Dalmata Mentés

Becoming a fosterhome

Why do we need fosterhomes?

Most of the Dalmatians who need help are in really big trouble. They were thrown out from their homes, taken to dogpounds, where the risk of being euthanised is very high. These dogs need urgent help! Sometimes it’s the owner who can’t take care of the dog any longer due to old age, permanent health problems or changes in the family’s circumstances.

We do not operate a shelter. Our team of three members have their own rescue dogs and we have limited possibilities to take more dogs in our homes. We can only rely on the contribution of volunteers who are devoted help a homeless dog see the bright side of life.

When a dog is taken to an other animal rescue organization that operates a shelter, they may provide a safer place without the risk of putting the dog down. But all their places are full because they do their best to help dogs out of local dogpounds to save more lives. Dogs in shelters usually miss the love and attention of people and often basics like a comfortable place and quality food. By taking a Dalmatian over from them and placing it in a fosterhome we try to ease the constant burden they are working under every day.

We have little information about the dogs living in dogpounds and shelters, as the workers take care of several dogs at a time. Dogs’ general behavior may be well modified by the stressful and crowded shelters and they usually show other features than in a peaceful and loving environment eg. in a fosterhome, where they are surrounded by supportive people.

Our goal is to find forever homes for these poor dogs. In order to reach this, we need to get a clearer picture of them. This helps our work and makes the decision easier for families wishing to adopt. By knowing the dog’s character, we all have a better chance to find them a home, where they will be appreciated and cared for forever.

Placing a dog in a fosterhome multiplies his chances to find a suitable home. Spending time in a nurturing environment, where a family pays attention to his feelings, mental and physical rehabilitation and socialization prepares the dog to get ready for adoption.


How long will I take care of the dog?

Until he finds a forever home. This may take a few weeks or sometimes months. Rehabilitation and/or socialization may be required so the period of fostering may also depend on how the dog is proceeding. We ask for photos and a detailed description of the dog to shorten this period. In case you can’t take care of your fosterdog for any reason, we will try to find the best solution as soon as possible.


What we provide:

We forward all the information we have about the dog to the fosterhome. We cover the veterinary costs, take the dog to the vet before he moves to the fosterhome. He will get vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. When the dog is in a good health, we will organize the neutering/spaying surgery and provide help in transport, as well.
We support you with food if needed.
We advertise the dog on our website, facebook-pages and other ads sites.

What we ask from you:

Take care of the dog as your own. Be communicative, keep in touch with us (email, phone). Provide an opportunity for us to visit the dog with promising applicants. Send us photos and regular updates.


What do I get if I choose to foster a Dalmatian?

The endless gratitude of a dog, who is given a chance thanks to your help and devotion. To see the smile on his face as he discovers a new way of life is something you will never forget. And when he’s ready to move on, you will see him in his loving family as the happiest dog in the whole world – and you know that you played an important role in all this. Without your help, he might be over the rainbowbridge by now.


Contact: kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu (foster)