Dalmata Mentés

Conditions of adoption

Important information:

The Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue (Dalmata Fajtamentő Khe.) does not operate a dog shelter.

The dogs in our care are placed in foster homes all across the country.

Conditions of adopting a Dalmatian from our care: One must sign the adoption contract, know the breed characteristics, treat the dog as a family member and be reliable and conscientious.

In case of mediated dogs the Dalmatian Rescue cannot be held financially or morally responsible for the information the owner/keeper of the dog provided nor potential health issues. We try our best to support the mediated dog in his new family. We send the contact information of mediated dogs in email.

Please send your inquiry (subject: chosen dog’s name) to kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu or call us on +36303457051

Before you adopt: Are you ready to adopt a dog?

Adoption process:

1. Inquiry – Tell us about yourself!

We know the special needs of our adoptable dogs. We tell you their main characteristics in their ads and you can read about them in detail in our Forum in Hungarian. It’s worth it to read their story from the beginnings!

For us to match a dog and a potential owner, we’d like to get to know the family that wishes to adopt. Before meeting in person, please write us a short introduction about yourself (i.e.

– Where do you live (town)?
– Detached house or apartment?
– Where would the dog sleep?
– Do you have other pets? What kind? How old, which gender? Are they neutered?
– Your experience with dogs?
– For what purpose do you wish to adopt the dog?
– Do you have children? How old are they?
– Who would care for the dog?
– For how long would the dog be left alone daily and where?

Please send your introduction to info@dalmatamentes.hu
If you have a specific dog in mind, please add the dog’s name to the subject of the mail.

In our reply, we’ll send you a short questionnaire in a form that will be easier for us to process. In it we ask for details.

This is necessary because there are more of us reading incoming emails and information will not get lost. However, we find introduction emails very helpful because you can tell us additional information.

We keep your data strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Directive. We won’t give them to any third party without your permission.

2. Visit

Based on your introduction and questionnaire we can discuss which dog we deem fit for you and your family.
If the conditions seem adequate, the next step is making an appointment through phone with the dog’s foster owner.
It’s best to visit the dog with the whole family and any dog that is currently living with you – to test how the adoptable dog behaves around each member of your family. You should check all this with the foster owner in advance.

3. Trial adoption

If the first visit went well we suggest that you return home, think about it again and talk about the possibility of adoption with your family again. If everyone wants the dog and the everyday responsibility that goes with it, then you should get ready for his arrival.
See: Are you ready to adopt a dog?

Make a new appointment with the foster owner to meet again/ to rehome the dog. It varies whether more than one visits are necessary before rehoming the dog, but each case at least one meeting in person is needed! It isn’t recommended to choose a new family member without meeting him since we want to spend the next couple of years with him.
Rehoming the dog should ideally be scheduled on a weekend or on a day off so you can spend as much time with the dog as you can so he would be at ease, calm down, find his place.
Trial adoption period usually lasts 2-3 weeks but it can vary – we set the terms in the trial adoption contract.
If all goes well during trial adoption then the dog becomes part of the family and we sign the adoption contract.

Dog for free

We do not set a price for the dogs in our care but we gladly accept donations for the dogs to be rescued in the future.
Our organisation has been founded without sponsors or state aid. We finance our operations from occasional donations and our own pockets.
Rescuing an ownerless dog always costs money. His transportation, placement aren’t easy tasks but basic medical care can be really expensive (vaccines, microchip, neutering), not to mention if the dog arrives in our care with a health issue.
See: Support the rescue

You will adopt a fully examined, healthy, vaccined, mircrochipped, dewormed and neutered dog whose behaviour we had tested and started his rehabilitation or training. Please – if you can -, support our work and let us help other Dalmatians in need.

In case of mediated dogs you must agree with the previous owner or the shelter on the financials. Most shelters ask for the price of the dog’s vaccines or neutering, please contact them regarding these matters.

We want to be sure that our adoptable dogs will get the same care and love or even more as they got from their foster owners, since we spend a lot of effort, time and money – and we do all that voluntarily – on medical care, rehoming for dogs in our care.

The above procedure is very important to us – we want to know where the dog ends up and we will keep in touch with the adoptive owners. From time to time we ask for some stories or photos about the dog and we are happy to share the success stories on Facebook and on our Forum.

You can share your experience with Dalmatians on our Forum after a simple and quick registration: http://dalmatamentes.hu/forum

You can also follow the happenings of our organisation on the Forum. We invite all our sponsors, supporters, foster owners, owners of adopted dogs and everyone who has a Dalmatian or simply likes the breed to currently announced Dalmatian meet-ups and events.

Adopting from a foreign country?
Our organisation can only give Dalmatians up for adoption through local Dalmatian Rescue Organisations outside country borders. If there is no Dalmatian Rescue then a registered and acknowledged local animal rescue organisation.

For more information send a mail to kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu