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20.09.2014. – Greetings from Szira 🙂Szira, the only Dalmatian lady among the oldest puppy-mill siblings feels fantastic in her home. She was the first from the 13 rescue dogs to move on trial adoption in the middle of January. No wonder, she settled in easily into her new family, learnt quickly what she’s allowed to do and during all these months the once shaking and skinny little pup has grown into a calm and well-balanced Dally lady.
The family’s Brussels Griffon, Süti (=Cookie) welcomed her happily and a strong bond has formed among the two of them. In the meantime a black kitten has joined the pack and Szira guides her lovingly ever since. They are all much appreciated and treated like real family members, never left alone and their everydays are filled with lots of love and fun.

Isn’t it wonderful to get such happy news about our rehomed dogs? 🙂

“Szira is doing great, she loves everyone and she gets along very well with animals, too, may it be a cat, a rabbit or birds. She looks at our Süti as the leader of the pack, she observes his behavior in every situation and mimics it, nevertheless we love and treat them the same way. 
Whenever we prepare our bikes, she knows that we’re going on a long walk to the nearby meadows and woods. She’s head over heels and she hardly gets tired. She likes paddling in the mud and tends to splash into every pond, so at the end of the walk she’s dirty from head to tail.. Luckily, she got used to taking a shower, often together with Süti. 
Interestingly, Szira won’t enter the house without our permission. We haven’t taught her that, she learnt it from Süti and she understands that dirty paws have to be cleaned before stepping on the soft rugs. She’s just adorable! 
Sometimes she tries to steal treats from Süti or the cat but I only need to call her name and she stops doing it. She is a very clever girl indeed.
My grandma moved to our house in July, so our pets are never left alone at home. Grandma loves them all and the dogs have bowls and comfy beds in her balcony, too. 
Szira and Süti enjoyed the summer weather. When it got too hot, they slept on the porch and the next day chose to sleep inside. Their friendship is incredibly strong, they are always together and they do everything together. 
When the black kitten arrived to our home, Szira took her under her wings. She protects her and takes care of her like a little daughter. She sleeps by Szira’s side and follows her everywhere, often on our walks, too. “

Photos of Szira: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2014/szira



08.03.2014. – Szira found a sweet forever home. 🙂

zira is the first among the Dalmatians rescued from the puppy mill in December, to find a forever home. We have signed the adoption contract and now she is officially rehomed. 🙂

Szira is in a fantastic shape, she has grown a lot and put on some muscles, too. She is simply beautiful and adorable. Whenever her owners call her name or ask her to do something, her ears go up and she turns her head to the side before obeying. She has already learnt the rules of living inside, though every now and then she steals a few things like her fluffy brother’s toys. Süti doesn’t seem to mind, even if Szira occupies his bed. Their friendship is everlasting and so they share everthing with each other.

Szira is a stabile and well-balanced Dalmatian lady with a calm nature. She is 100% house-trained, calls Mom when she has to go out. She’s allowed on the sofa and when a family member sits down onto it, Szira jumps up and lies her head on their lap.

When it comes to taking a walk, Szira sits down in front of the door and waits patiently for Mom or Dad to put her leash on.
Soon they will start a puppy course at the dog training course. The bond between Szira and her family, including Süti, is already very strong. She pays attention to them with ears and eyes open and they love her endlessly.

Dear Szira, we wish you many-many happy years in your loving family! 🙂

Click here for more photos of Szira:

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11.02.2014. – Szira news 

Szira enjoys the endless love and care of her new family since weeks. She moved to her new home soon after spaying and when the cone-period was over, they could begin her socialization. Süti, the family’s pet welcomed our spotted girl like a friend and recently, a cat joined the family, too. Szira approaches her curiously and both the dogs and the cat get along very well with each other.

We get daily updates and dozens of photos from Szira’s family. Here you can find some quotes from the letters:

 Szira feels great, she usually steals Süti’s toys and waits for his reaction knowing that they belong to him…
– She sleeps through the night without waking us up…
– She enjoys the snow, jumps up and down in it and when we clean the garden she tries to catch the falling snowballs..
– We took her to a short walk in the nearby woods… when the cold days are over, we will go there often..

Szira made friends with the neighbour’s Vizsla, they plat a lot and hopefully they can attend the dog school course together in the spring. She learns fast and she is already house-trained.
Szira is an attentive, smart and clever Dalmatian lady, much appreciated by her family. We are planning to sign the adoption contact soon. Then she can continue to live the happy life of an adopted dog in a wonderful home.


22.01.2014. – Szira moved on trial adoption

Szira is the only girl among the 6,5 months old puppies that we rescued from a pigpen of a private puppy mill in the beginning of December. Now her future is safe in loving arms and she will never have to go through all those terrible things that she and her siblings experienced every day since birth.
Szira is a real beauty and her underbite makes her even more special. It’s simply an esthetic problem, which doesn’t bother the candidate family. Her new friend Süti (Cookie), the Brussels Griffon has a similar feature.
The candidate family sent us several detailed emails about their living conditions and their circumstances have met our requirements in every point. The personal meeting confirmed
that Szira’s dream to become a beloved and appreciated member of a family could finally come true.
Since they live only a short distance from us they managed to take Szira to the vet controls. Thus she could move on trial adoption right after the surgery.
The family sends us daily updates and photos about Szira’s recovery, one in the morning and one in the evening. The spotted lady is doing fine, she is slowly discovering the house and the garden. She pays attention to her people and Süti, learns fast and her playful character comes alive more and more as time passes.


18.01.2014. – Update to the 6-month-old puppies

The 6-month old puppies have found promising candidates in the past weeks, so we began to organise the date of their neutering. Szira, Silver and Szikra were neutered on Wednesday, the surgery went very well without complications.
The puppies spend the period of recovery in loving fosterhomes. Yesterday we took them to the vet for the 3-day control and according to the examination they are all doing great. Next weekend, after the removal of their stitches they can begin the trial adoption in their forever homes-to-be.


28.12.2013 – Szira – 5 month-old Dalmatian lady

Szira is an open and friendly Dally girl, eager to learn and discover the world. She needed only a short time to ease up after we rescued her from the private puppy mill, where she was kept with her siblings among terrible circumstances.
She is an active and curious dog, most often she is the one who initiates the play. She likes to taste things but she will certainly give up this chewing habit within a short time as she grews out of puppyhood.
Szira is a very playful girl, she loves playing not only with the Dalmatian puppies in her fosterhome but also with a tennis ball, any kind of dogtoy or even a piece of nutshell.
She is the only one among her siblings who is able to eat slowly without gobbling up all the food.

She has a lovely character longing to share the love in her heart with her caregivers and receive endless caresses in return. She enjoys the attention she gets and just like her siblings, she demands time with her person on her own. However, being obtrusive is far from her character, she waits patiently for her turn.

Szira enjoys spending her time in the garden, so she would like to live in a family house where she can roam in the garden freely and go inside whenever she wants to.
Travelling by car means no problem for her, she lies down and sleeps basically till the journey is over.

She is an intelligent and smart young lady who pays attention to her caregivers. She learns easily and we’re sure that she would enjoy participating in a dog training course later. She is also recommended for dog sports e.g. agility. If you choose Szia, we can guarantee that you will never have a boring day in your life.

Szira has two combined vaccinations, she will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. She is microchipped and dewormed.
Interestingly, she has an underbite which causes no problem for her when it comes to eat or play. This feature makes her even more special.

Szira is looking for a home from our organization. She can be adopted after spaying with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SZIRA)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Szira/