Dalmata Mentés


11.03.2014. – Samy is rehomed 🙂

We organized a meeting for Saturday for all the Dalmatians, adults and puppies alike, that we rescued from the puppy mill in December 2013. Many of the dogs arrived with their families and we happily signed the adoption contracts after the long walk we took together on the Hajógyári Island (Budapest).  Samy was there, too. 🙂 You can read the news here:


Photos of Samy: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2014/Samy/ 


12.02.2014. – Samy is on trial adoption

Samy moved to his new fosterhome a month ago. The family fell in love with him the minute they met and we hoped that this home would not be just a fosterhome but most probably his forever home.

The way he opened to the new people, cuddled and looked up at them with bright eyes told us everything and as days went by we watched him happily turn into a beloved family pet. 🙂

Here are some quotes from the long letters we received so far:

“When we met Samy we got the impression that he is a lovely and friendly dog. I believe he and my son made friends right then and there. We are glad that you gave us the chance to bring him home as we have never thought that our biggest dream would come true so easily. As we started the car, Samy sat peacefully on the seat with us and he behaved like he’s always been part of our family.
He’s now the apple of our eyes, we caress him all the time and he enjoys the attention. He learns very fast but when we look away he tries, just like a puppy, what he’s allowed to do. Stealing was one of his favourite habits, he used to hide our socks and shoes but he does it less often. When we notice him, he lies down to his place feeling ashamed. 
Everyday he meets old and new friends at the dog park so he can release his boundless energies easily by playing and wrestling with them. He needs physical exercise, he moves around a lot, but he’s still young, only a year old, so this is quite normal from a healthy Dalmatian boy. 
We train him to stop on the sidewalk before we cross the road and he remembers more often to step off the curb only when we say so. He will learn it with time and practice. 
One of his cutest features is that he doesn’t like any mess in the flat. Whenever we leave a piece of shoe near the shoe rack, he picks it up, brings it into the room and puts it down in front of us. We looked at each other with great surprise the first time it happened. He sits there with the shoe at his paws and stares at us seriously as if asking “Hello, didn’t you forget something?”. So we take the shoe and put it back to its right place. Then he wags his tail happily. 
Last weekend we travelled to the country and introduced him to the Grandparents. He discovered the new environment and behaved so kind that we couldn’t find the words to express our happiness. 
We adore Samy!!!”


21.01.2014. – Samy is reserved

Samy lived in a fosterhome from mid-December to the beginning of January, when he had to go due to changes in fostermom’s circumstances. We placed him in a dog pension, where he made a nice progress with the help of a professional dog trainer and her highly social pack of Great Danes. Samy made friends with all the dogs there and they played practically all day long.

Last weekend we took Samy to a photoshooting organized by the angels of the HopeOnline volunteer team. Samy looks superb on the photos and we are very grateful for this fantastic possibility.

After the program we had to wait a few hours for another rescue dog of ours, so we took Samy to the vet. The examination proved that he is doing great so he could finally get the second round of Rabies and combined vaccination.
In the afternoon we visited Maya, the lovely Dalmatian in her fosterhome (she is still looking for a home!). The two dogs have a similar character, they both love playing and wrestling, so they got on very well.

A few days ago we received some disturbing news about Samy unfortunately: the young and agile gentleman became so brave that he began to climb up and over the fences between the separated dog runs… The 2,5 meter-high fences didn’t mean any obstacle for his curiosity when he wanted to go and play with his friends. So, when a family applied to give him a fosterhome with the option to adopt him, we snatched at their offer. Luckily, they live in a flat. Samy is doing great in his new place. 🙂


21.12.2013. – Samy news

Samy, the brown&blue-eyed Dalmatian male could move to a fosterhome soon after his arrival.
He was the least fearful among the rescue dogs but it doesn’t mean that he’s carrying less memories from the terrible care he had to experience in his past life.
Thanks to his fostermum and her knowledge about rescued dogs, Samy is taking nice steps day-by-day.

Samy was neutered when he moved to his fosterhome. His stitches have been removed and he’s quite happy that he doesn’t have to wear the cone. Unfortunately, he had to visit the vet a bit often during the past days. He caught a diarrhea disease by walking on the streets in downtown and he must go to the vet for daily injections now. Managing all this means a little logistic problem for us and his fosterhome, too, but luckily, Samy is getting better and we hope that his organism will be back to healthy in a few days.

This afternoon, Samy moved to a temporary fosterhome because his fostermum travelled home for Christmas. The happy-go-lucky boy can spend the holiday in a safe and loving environment. Hopefully he’ll be ready to welcome his applicants from January.



08.12.2013. – Samy needs a fosterhome

Samy, the 1-year-old Dalmatian boy arrived into our care together with 12 Dalmatians from a puppy mill. They were kept in a pigpen among terrible circumstances. Samy is a nice guy, he loves cuddling and he is curious to discover the world. He is vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped.
We give dogfood and room crate with the dog. Help in transport is provided.

If you think you could take care of this lovely, smart and curious Dalmi-guy (or know somebody in/around Budapest), please contact us at info@dalmatamentes.hu or +36-30-345-7051.

Thank you!!