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10.03.2014. – Casper found a home!

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 05.03.2014. – Casper news

Casper is much adored by his adoptive family. He found the best home ever, where he gets lots of love and attention. The family is simply amused by his cute character and Casper suits them perfectly. They have an enviably strong relationship and we are very very happy that he lives in such a superb place.

Here are some quotes from the letters written by Casper’s family:

“Everything is just fantastic! Casper feels great in our home as if he was born to live with us.
He already guards his territory and barks at strangers outside.
He could play all day long, enjoys the various toys and dog chews and whenever he begans to play, it’s almost impossible to tell him to stop. He flies around in the house like a bullet.
He’s grown a lot and he’s in a great shape now.”

“We teach him basic obedience and he is so intelligent: he follows our commands and sits when we give him the hand sign (mostly when he rushes around and it’s time to calm down a little bit).
The walks are going much better, though he’s often more interested in sniffing than listening to us.
We live our days in a perfect tune.”

“Casper stopped gobbling his food, he eats slower and calmer now and sometimes he even leaves part of the portion in his bowl.
He’s become such a lovely boy, he needs to feel loved and he often refuses to eat his breakfast if we don’t pet him on the head or give him a kiss. :))
He’s already found a few friends and we often take him to places where he can meet other dogs. You were right: Casper is a smart Dalmi-boy who learns extremely fast.
We adore him!”


09.02.2014. – Casper went on trial adoption

Countless phone calls and emails arrived since we have uploaded photos and information about the C-litter in January. Reading through all the questionnaires and speaking with the applicants took a lot of time and energy from our part in order to find the right candidates for the puppies. Then we arranged a meeting with the families whose attitude, experience and circumstances seemed to be ideal to continue the get-to-know process.

The first family was interested in a little female but as they met Casper, they fell in love with him immediately. He felt the same, opened to them from the first second and took a short walk with them happily. He enjoyed the caresses, looked up at the people attentively and cuddled with great amusement. This was a typical case of the proverb “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”
Casper chose his future family and so the decision was made: he can begin trial adoption after the neutering. The surgery went well and after the 3-day control he continued the recovery in his new home, where he is surrounded by the love and attention of his new family.


07.01.2014. – Casper – Dalmatian boy, 3 months

Casper is a lovely and curious puppy with a very good nature. He’s tail is always wagging whenever he approaches us, he enjoys being caressed but he’s always up for a little fun and trouble with the other puppies. He loves fetching dogtoys and playing with his sisters and brothers but he also likes being around people. He demands time on his own with us and he acts friendly and watches us attentively.
He eats patiently and he’s on the way of becoming a fully house-broken dog.
His paws are huge, we assume that he’s going to be a big male.

Casper has two combined vaccinations, he will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. He is microchipped, dewormed and healthy.

Casper is looking for a home from our organization. He can be adopted after neutering with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (CASPER)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Casper/