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21.09.2014. – Cliff news

The little troublemaker puppy among the Dalmatian team rescued from Kaba enjoys the happy life of a rehomed dog since February. Cliff is an extremely smart boy and he’s very attentive, it was crucial to find him a suitable home where he would get everyday walks and learning in order to get rid of his endless energies and to be stimulated mentally, too. Thanks to his family, he has grown into an obedient and well-balanced guy. He knows the basic commands and likes showing off with a few tricks he has learnt. And he loves sharing kisses with people around.. he oberserves the ‘victim’ patiently and out of nothing comes the ’Dally kiss attack’. 🙂

With the help of his Labrador brother’s guidance, Cliff has learnt a lot about human and canine behaviour, as well. Their friendship is quite strong, they love playing with each other and they often sleep together.

Cliff is a highly social Dalmatian boy, he gets along well with other dogs and the long walks and excursions bring many-many new adventures into their happy everydays.  🙂


„Cliff is doing great, both physically and mentally. He has a lovely character and he’s very smart. It’s easy to teach him new tricks as he learns quickly and remembers them. Delicious treats help us in the training process as he loves his tummy.
When we go for a walk, we usually let him off the leash in safe areas.  He goes ahead to discover the place but he moves only within a safe distance.
This summer we visited many lakes and the boys accompanied us, naturally. They loved it and it turned out that Cliff loves splashing in the water and he’s a very good swimmer.
We couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He is our little spotted wonder.  🙂
Thank you for rescuing so many dogs in need of a new home. We couldn’t have met Cliff without your kind work. 
Thank you!


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10.03.2014. – Cliff found a loving home! 🙂

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Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2014/cliff/


06.03.2014. – Cliff news

Cliff has an active and adventurous life in his new family. Thanks to the daily training and walks he’s thriving. His owners enjoy the exciting everydays with the cute Dalmatian boy and their letters speak for themselves:

“The two boys have become best friends during the past weeks. When I’m working on the computer they sleep side-by-side by my feet. Cliff has boundless energies and he learns extremely fast. He’s going to be a superb sports dog. If I show him a trick once, he will surely remember it the next day. Instead of letting him behave naughty in the flat, we teach him basic obedience and tricks so he doesn’t have time to ruin anything. He gets usually so tired at end of the day that he sleeps through the night from 9-10 pm until 6.45 am.” “There’s a huge field nearby, we just call it ‘paradise for dogs’ and we always meet dogs there. Now we’re working on Cliff’s recall because he tends to have a ‘selective hearing’ when it comes to playing with other dogs. He’s grown a lot and has put on 4,5 lb. Soon he’ll reach our Lab in size. And we discovered new spots on his coat!” “Everything is going so well! We are convinced that we have the smartest, kindest and sweest dogs in the world! You were right about the couch thing, too, but they received our permission to use it. We often catch them play on it but they are so funny!  Cliff has grown a lot again and he lost all his baby teeth. Sometimes he throws a hissy fit if he doesn’t like something but it makes him even more cute.  Thanks to the daily socialization he gets along very well with people and dogs, cats, etc. .”

We love reading so many happy news about our little troublemaker. 🙂


09.02.2014. – Cliff is on trial adoption

Countless phone calls and emails arrived since we have uploaded photos and information about the C-litter in January. Reading through all the questionnaires and speaking with the applicants took a lot of time and energy from our part in order to find the right candidates for the puppies. Then we arranged a meeting with the families whose attitude, experience and circumstances seemed to be ideal to continue the get-to-know process.

Cliff, our little troublemaker is doing great in his new home. His candidate has read all the information about our organization and the adoption process, so they arrived well-prepared to our first “date”. The lady is a very experienced dog owner, works at a dog training school and her own Labrador male is also a friendly and balanced type who is going to be a wise teacher for Cliff. As they are into dog sports (frisbee, agility, etc.), the lady was looking for a dog who would be ideal for the same activities. Cliff is quite like an energy bomb and he requires a bit more attention and a more assertive attitude from the owner’s part. He is in the best hands now, he will get a positive training and who knows? He may also try himself in various sports competitions later on. What a happy Dalmatian-life! 🙂


07.01.2014. – Cliff – Dalmatian boy, 3 months

Cliff is the trouble-maker of the team. Having him by your side will quarantee that you can forget the boring days of your life. He is a real energy bomb, sitting calm for a minute stands far from his nature. He is simply drown to do something funny, like stealing our shoes and slippers or picking up a toy and romp around with it in his mouth. He enjoys playing with the other puppies and loves playing with any kind of toy, may it be a squeeky dogtoy, a stick or a tennis ball. Cliff behaves quite confident around us, wags his tail happily and often invites us to play: he cowers to the ground and then jumps up and runs away in a second waiting us to catch him. When it comes to feeding time, he gets impatient and he gobbles up all his food in a minute. He is the smallest among the males in the litter as he grows a little slower but we assume that he’s going to be a big male just like his brothers. He’s learning to become a fully house-broken dog. The ideal home for Cliff is a family house, where he can roam in the garden freely, then go and sleep inside anytime he wants to.

Cliff has two combined vaccinations, he will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. He is microchipped, dewormed and healthy. Cliff is looking for a home from our organization. He can be adopted after neutering with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (CLIFF) +36303457051

More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Cliff/