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25.05.2014.  – Salt news

Salt has an adventurous life in Germany. His family sends us photos regularly and they are very proud of the lovely Dalmatian boy. He has grown a lot (again :)) and he is more at ease in new environments, as well. In the beginning of May he participated in a Dalmatian contest with his Dalmatian companions. He didn’t won a prize, but he behaved calm and friendly with the people and dogs around. We are happy to see him so happy in his new home, where long walks and lots of fun are part of the everyday program. 🙂


20.04.2014.  – Salt (Silver) sends us his Eastern greetings

Silver, now Salt, sends all of you his Easter greetings. 
The beautiful blue-eyed Dalmatian boy was rescued from a puppy mill in December 2013 and a few months later he found a loving home in Germany.


10.03.2014. – Silver found a loving home! 🙂

News:  http://dalmatamentes.hu/lang/en/a-9-kabai-kolyok-gazdis/

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2014/silver/


03.03.2014. – Silver news

Silver, one of the oldest puppies rescued from the puppy mill travelled to his new home in Germany at the end of January. A volunteer of a local Dalmatian rescue organization fell in love with his photos and she and her dogs welcomed Silver with arms and paws wide open.
Silver was named Salt and he has grown a lot since then. He gained physical strength and thanks to the endless love of his new family his broken soul is now mended.
We get regular updates and photos from his family and we are glad to see him so happy. 🙂

“Salt came into our lives a little bit more than a month ago. In the beginning he acted shy and he used to hide behind his fosterdad ‘Pepper’ in situations he was unfamiliar with. Everyone greeted him happily and soon he realized that there’s nothing to fear. Slowly, he opened up and made friends with other dogs and now he can’t wait to go for a walk on the meadows where he can run and play with his pals for hours.
He behaves braver every day and during the past weeks he’s become Everybody’s Darling. In the evenings he lies down beside Pepper on the couch and they sleep side-by-side every night. 
Salt has made the “spice family” whole, our two Dalmatians, Pepper and Sugar guide him happily on the way of becoming a happy grownup Dalmatian boy. 
Thank your for giving him to me! “

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27.01.2014. – Silver travelled to Germany and began trial adoption

We had a long trip on Saturday. Szikra and Silver from the 6,5-month old puppies moved to their new homes, where their families awaited them eagerly.  Early in the morning we visited the vet, after they had their stitches removed and got the documents completed, the brothers were ready for the departure. They seemed to be as excited as we were for them.

We stopped halfway to meet Szikra’s family. He greeted his new Daddy with a wagging tail and took a peaceful rest on the backseat of the care while we were chatting. When we signed his trial adoption contract, we continued our journey to Linz (A) with Silver. A friend of his future family took him over there and we said farewell to the blue-eyed boy. Thank you, dear Harald for helping us so generously and for taking so good care of Silver during the remaining hours of his trip to Germany.

Silver arrived into his new home late in the evening. As soon as he entered the warm room and greeted the two- and fourlegged family members, he fell asleep on the comfy sofa together with his new Dalmatian friend and teacher.
We arrived home late at night having travelled almost 1000 kms. Thank you, dear Zsófi for driving so many hours, all this wouldn’t have come true without your help.

Silver and Szikra are on trial adoption now. A new Life has finally begun for them, full of adventures and happiness. If everything goes well during the next weeks, we will sign the final adoption contract and they will be officially rehomed. Keep your fingers crossed for the cute spotted boys!



22.01.2014. – Silver is reserved 

Silver, the tallest and oldest Dalmatian boy among the rescue puppies has a very shy nature. The reason is that he was the one who must have suffered the most compared to the adults and the other puppies in their previous home. While his brothers were slowly discovering the fosterhome and the world that surrounded them, Silver stayed reserved. He hid in the corner farthest away, shaking from fear. Even the delicious treats couldn’t make him move, he simply lied down and watched the others play.

Silver needed a lot more time to ease up and take the first steps towards us. It was obvious for us that living with the puppies began to get too much for him. Somehow they considered him as the leader of the spotted pack after the adults had moved to fosterhomes. But Silver couldn’t cope with this extra stress.

A few days had passed when a volunteer of a German Dalmatian rescue organization saw his photos and ads on our page. She has experience with Dalmatians and as a fosterhome for the org. she knows well how to handle rescue dogs who arrive with fears into her care. We got to know the lady better and the photos of her dogs and the home that was waiting for Silver convinced us that she could provide our little Shy Boy an ideal home.
Her experience and her calm and friendly Dalmatians will help Silver to fit in his new family and let go of his fears. This is going to mean a huge help for his broken spirit that needs to be mended. We began to organize the travel to Germany so that Silver will be able to join his new family as soon as possible.

During the past 1,5 months Silver received a thorough vet care, got vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. He gained a few pounds, but his shyness is still there. He was neutered a few days ago and now he spends the period of recovery in a loving fosterhome until the date of his big journey to a happy life.


18.01.2014. – Update to the 6-month-old puppies

The 6-month old puppies have found promising candidates in the past weeks, so we began to organise the date of their neutering. Szira, Silver and Szikra were neutered on Wednesday, the surgery went very well without complications.
The puppies spend the period of recovery in loving fosterhomes. Yesterday we took them to the vet for the 3-day control and according to the examination they are all doing great. Next weekend, after the removal of their stitches they can begin the trial adoption in their forever homes-to-be.


28.12.2013. – Silver – 5 month-old Dalmatian boy

Silver is a good-natured and calm boy, still reserved and shy due to the maltreatment he went through every day during the first months of his life. He joined his mother and the other adults to protect his siblings and the smaller puppies when they were beaten…
He needs more time to find his way back to people. Being touched and caressed were things he was completely unfamiliar with when he arrived to his fosterhome. Being close to people still makes him a little bit uncomfortable and sudden movements frighten him but this will most likely disappear as he is slowly understanding that he doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

Otherwise he is a very gentle and loving Dally boy who likes giving kisses to the ones he trusts. He enjoys lolling on the soft dog beds and he loves his tummy, so winning his trust won’t be that difficult. Spending time with his people on his own is really important for him to become a self-confident dog.

Silver is waiting for a responsible person/family who will take gentle care of him, teach him with patience and give him all the good things that he had to miss in the first months of his life. He needs to feel safe and loved probably more than his siblings, so we would like to find him a stable forever home, where he can be the apple of the eye of everyone.

Silver has two combined vaccinations, he will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. He is microchippe, dewormed and healthy.

Silver is looking for a home from our organization. He can be adopted after neutering with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SILVER)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Silver/