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10.03.2014. – Szikra found a loving home! 🙂

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19.02.2014. – News about Szikra

Szikra, one of the oldest puppies rescued from the puppy mill began the trial adoption in his new family more than 3 weeks ago. He fits in very well into his new home and he enjoys his puppy days full of adventure and fun. He made friends with the family’s Jack Russel boy and he plays a lot with their bunny “Szotyi” (~ sunflower seed).
Due to his early life he tends to behave insecure in new situations but his family guides him carefully on the way to become a self-confident Dalmatian guy. We’ve received a letter recently:

“Luckily, we had a wonderful weather on Saturday so we went for a long walk, about 7 kms. He enjoyed the excursion and we met people and dogs that afternoon. His reaction to dogs varies, sometimes he growls and other times we can hardly hold him back from running to the dog to play. Therefore we often take him to places where he can meet strangers to get used to their sight and company. He likes collecting things, when we look away off he goes and steals a toy, a sock, a shoe, whatever he finds interesting. He particularly enjoys playing with our bunny who’s not afraid of the big spotted pal. They can play for hours. 
Szikra also likes fetching the tennis ball and he learnt to catch the treat when we throw it to him. He began to discover the garden a few days after his arrival, now he sniffs and runs around happily in it.”


27.01.2014. – Szikra began trial adoption in his new family. 

We had a long trip on Saturday. Szikra and Silver from the 6,5-month old puppies moved to their new homes, where their families awaited them eagerly.  Early in the morning we visited the vet, after they had their stitches removed and got the documents completed, the brothers were ready for the departure. They seemed to be as excited as we were for them.

We stopped halfway to meet Szikra’s family. He greeted his new Daddy with a wagging tail and took a peaceful rest on the backseat of the care while we were chatting. When we signed his trial adoption contract, we continued our journey to Linz (A) with Silver. A friend of his future family took him over there and we said farewell to the blue-eyed boy. Thank you, dear Harald for helping us so generously and for taking so good care of Silver during the remaining hours of his trip to Germany.

Silver arrived into his new home late in the evening. As soon as he entered the warm room and greeted the two- and fourlegged family members, he fell asleep on the comfy sofa together with his new Dalmatian friend and teacher.
We arrived home late at night having travelled almost 1000 kms. Thank you, dear Zsófi for driving so many hours, all this wouldn’t have come true without your help.

Silver and Szikra are on trial adoption now. A new Life has finally begun for them, full of adventures and happiness. If everything goes well during the next weeks, we will sign the final adoption contract and they will be officially rehomed. Keep your fingers crossed for the cute spotted boys!


22.01.2014 – Szikra is reserved 

Szikra, the blue-eyed rescue boy, was the smallest among the older puppies, when the spotted pack arrived into our care in the beginning of December.
Despite the continuous maltreatment and the lack of sufficient care, Szikra needed only a short time to open to us. He accepted the food within minutes and soon it turned out that he was a lively and smart little dog indeed. After a few minutes he will greet you happily and this friendly behaviour appealed to a nice family very much. They had applied to adopt a male puppy first place and we found their circumstances ideal, so we met them in the middle of January. Though they were interested in another puppy, Szikra was the one who chose. He bonded with the family immediately and fostermom almost cried when we saw the obvious signs of sympathy there. Discussing the events of that afternoon we had a strong feeling that they would give a wonderful home to our rescue puppy.

Szikra received all his vaccinations during the past 1,5 months, so he was ready for the neutering. The surgery went well last week and since then he’s been recovering in a loving fosterhome. This weekend he will move to his new home, where his family is counting the minutes to welcome the cute Dalmatian boy.

18.01.2014. – Update to the 6-month-old puppies

The 6-month old puppies have found promising candidates in the past weeks, so we began to organise the date of their neutering. Szira, Silver and Szikra were neutered on Wednesday, the surgery went very well without complications.
The puppies spend the period of recovery in loving fosterhomes. Yesterday we took them to the vet for the 3-day control and according to the examination they are all doing great. Next weekend, after the removal of their stitches they can begin the trial adoption in their forever homes-to-be.


28.12.2013. – Szikra – 5 month-old Dalmatian boy

Szikra (= Sparky) is a lively and good-mannered Dalmatian boy. Sometimes he gets frightened by sudden noises but he is not so shy and he opened quite fast to us when he arrived from the puppy mill.
He is very friendly and you can see it in his eyes how smart he is. He is eager to try new things and he was the first who learnt his name. Though he is always ready for a little trouble, he is much calmer than his siblings.

He loves being around people, he simply comes to us and pokes our hands gently to get a little caress. Last week, this little boy began to walk away from the other puppies. We assume that this ‘minicrowd’ has become simply too much for his kind character. Instead of playing he prefers to be around his foster family. He demands time on his own more and more, so now it’s time for him to move to his forever home.

Szikra is an energetic and playful puppy, he needs an active owner who would take him for long walks and visit a dog school later on. His intelligence is exceptional, he easily understands our movements and thoughts just by watching us. He needs physical and mental stimulation eg. learning tricks or trying outdoor sports together with his future person/family.
He would like to live in a family house, where he can roam in the garden freely and go inside whenever he wants to.

Szikra has two combined vaccinations, he will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. He is microchipped and dewormed. Adoptable after neutering.

Szikra is looking for a home from our organization. He can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SZIKRA)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Szikra/