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24.09.2014. – Star photos of our Star

Look at these cute photos of Star! Splashing in the water and having fun with his doggy friends are just some of his favourite pasttimes. 
He arrived into our care from a puppy mill, last December. A few days later it turned out that the young Dalmatian boy is deaf. He was probably born this way, but it means no problem for him at all. In fact, he took the basic obedience course and passed the final exam with very good points last weekend.
This proves that dogs with hearing problems do have the ability to learn commands and tricks and living with such a dog can actually bring many-many happy moments and adventures into your life. With the help of a little extra attention, patience and creative ideas, you can reach for the stars. 

Click here for more photos:http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2014/star


20.05.2014. – New photos of Star

Sunshine and happiness. And he loves watching the 101 Dalmatians. 🙂


05.04.2014. – Star greets us 🙂

Star feels fantastic in his family. They often go on excursions with their dogs on the sunny spring days. 🙂


10.03.2014. – Star found a loving home

Star moved to his new home as a fosterdog in the middle of January. During the past weeks a strong bond was formed between him and his family so they decided to adopt the spotted boy. We are sure that Star has found the most suitable place, where he is surrounded by lots of love and his people provide him a professional everyday care by paying attention to his hearing problem.


16.02.2014. – Star photos 🙂


30.01.2014. – Star news

Star, the deaf puppy of the 6 (now 7) months old litter moved to a fosterhome 10 days go, after the neutering surgery. Since his brothers and sister all had promising candidates, we decided it was time for him to begin the socialization in appropriate hands.

Star enjoys the care of a nice couple and much to our delight he has a Labrador-mix pal in his new home. The two boys are the same age and so became friends within minutes. They play a lot with each other and in the evenings they fall asleep side-by-side in their comfy bed. The presence of a hearing dog means a huge help for Star, he can learn from him not only about canine but also about human behavior, which is essential for the optimal learning and training process of a deaf puppy.

Star is a lovely little boy, his soul radiates from his eyes. He pays attention to his environment and the people in it, observes his friend’s moves and follows what he does. The foster family takes care of him lovingly, they teach him with sign language and since the spotted puppy is a fast learner, he already know the sit and down commands. He tends to behave a little uncertain during the walks but under good guidance he will gain more confidence with time. Soon he will visit the puppy course at the dog school, where he can meet and play with other dogs in a safe environment.


18.01.2014. – Update to the 6-month-old puppies

The 6-month old puppies have found promising candidates in the past weeks, so we began to organise the date of their neutering. Szira, Silver and Szikra were neutered on Wednesday, the surgery went very well without complications.
The puppies spend the period of recovery in loving fosterhomes. Yesterday we took them to the vet for the 3-day control and according to the examination they are all doing great. Next weekend, after the removal of their stitches they can begin the trial adoption in their forever homes-to-be.

In the meantime, a nice couple applied to foster Star. He will soon move to his new home, where a friendly puppy of the same age is waiting for him. The family has experience in handling dogs with hearing problems and they are going to teach Star with the help of sign language. He is a smart boy, learns fast and already knows the basics. After neutering the puppies will have all the time to play and have fun together, while enjoying the tender care and endless attention of their family.


28.12.2013. – Star – 5 month-old Dalmatian boy

Star is the most particular puppy among the Dalmatians rescued from the puppy mill. He is incredibly intelligent and smart, he was the first to greet us confidently when we arrived at the place. He sat down and looked up at us with his deep brown eyes. Interestingly he was the one who initiated a closer relationship with us.
He is eager to learn new things and he pays attention to his caregivers more than his siblings do. Of course he would never stay out of a little caper but he is somewhat different than the other puppies. It’s hard to tell how and why but we know for sure that he is really special. Whenever we crouch down, he skips to us in a second, puts his paw on our hand and watches us with his enchanting eyes.

Star is quite curious, enjoys playing and having fun. He has a hearing problem but we assume that he can hear lower tones, others not really. We couldn’t test his hearing yet, but this problem doesn’t put him behind. He runs happily in the garden, hops up and down and he calls the others to join him for a little fun. He’s like an energy bomb, so he could take delight in dog sports later on. Oh, fetching the tennis ball is by far his favourite.

Spending time with his people on his own is extremely important for him. It will take some time to get used to live with a dog who has hearing problem but with the help of a little training sign language could easily become the efficient way of communication.
We recommend Star to a family where he will have a canine companion (may it be his brother or sister) who will help him get along in his new home and environment and to understand the people around.
Star is waiting for a resposible owner who will take gentle care of him, teach him with patience and give him all the good things that he had to miss in the first months of his life.

Star has two combined vaccinations, he will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. He is microchipped, dewormed and healthy. Adoptable after neutering.

Star is looking for a home from our organization. He can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (STAR)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Star/