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08.07.2013. – Szeppi – adopted 🙂

The long period of trial adoption is over. We signed the adoption contract, so Szeppi is officially rehomed now. We wish him and his loving family many happy years together! 🙂

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/szeppi


29.05.2013. – Szeppi in his new home

Szeppi’s life took a wonderful turn. We rescued the little deaf Dalmatian-mix guy from the Illatosút dogpound in March. He suffered from several diseases that he had caught in the cold winter (running nose, caughing, urinary problems, etc.). In the meantime we found out a few things about his former life. He spent most of the days out on the streets during the past years because his owner didn’t care much about him… he ate what he found, mostly in the litter bins and the neighbours took him some food every now and then. We took him to the vet as soon as he was out of the dogpound and thanks to the thorough treatments his broken body healed and later on, he got neutered when he was strong enough. Szeppi has become a happy and lively little dog, the only thing he missed was a home that he could call his own.

A nice couple read his ads and got interested in adopting him. They travelled to Budapest more than 200 kms to meet Szeppi and took their small mix lady, too, who’s also a rescue dog. The meeting went well, both dogs enjoyed each other’s company and so Szeppi found a new family. Next time, we signed the trial adoption contract and Szeppi moved to his new home.

We have recently received lovely photos of him and some great news, too: Szeppi was named Boborján after a popular Hungarian comedy figure. He is friendly with people around, gets along well with other dogs and adores his little fluffy girlfriend. In return, she takes perfect care of him, nudges him when Mum and Dad calls them and they sleep side-by-side in the evenings.  Szeppi-Bobo has become the little prince of a loving family, which is a great pleasure to our team and all the people who supported our work and his rescue with their kind donations. Thank you!

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/szeppi


03.05.2013. – Szeppi went on trial adoption 🙂

Szeppi began his probation in his future forever home. If everything goes just as fine as yesterday morning, he won’t have to look for another home.

We rescued Szeppi, the deaf Dalmatian-Dachshund mix from the Illatos út dogpound. He had severe illnesses  (kennel cough, skin allergy, swollen scrotum, etc.) so he needed continuous veterinary care for a few weeks. Then he was neutered when he felt strong enough for the surgery. Now he is a completely healthy, lovely dog.

During his stay in the dog pension a nice couple from Pécs applied for him. They have a small-sized rescue dog, a spayed female. When they met Szeppi, it was love at first sight from both parts. The two dogs have immediately accepted each other and they both behaved well during the long road home. Szeppi began his probation, we keep in touch with his new family, and we will visit them in a few weeks’ time.

We are thankful to the nice trainers of the Kutyaközpont dog centre for providing a safe place and regular training for Szeppi!



24.04.2013. – Szeppi got neutered

Illatosút guy was neutered last Monday. Everything went very well and he came around soon after the surgery. Our spotty humming bird feels fantastic as usual, the cone on his neck doesn’t hold him back from roaming around as a little combat car on four legs. The stitches will be removed today.
Szeppi, the Dalmatian-Dachshund mix rescued from the dog pound still lives in a dog pension but he will soon get some visitors. Keep your fingers crossed for the little boy! 🙂


22.04.2013. – Thank you for your generous support!

We received 62.668 Ft ( 205 €)  donations for Szeppi. We had to keep him in a quarantine for two weeks and now he lives in a dog pension, which adds more costs to his recue. 10 days ago the bill was standing on 56.490 Ft ( 185 €) and the costs keep on coming…


11.04.2013. – Szeppi, the Dalmatian-mix male rescued from the Illatosút dogpound needs a fosterhome or a forever home!

Szeppi (called Pötyi earlier) is a 3-5 year-old Dalmatian-Dachshund-mix male. According to the opinion of two veterinarians, this little boy is younger than we we have been told before. Since he didn’t have a vaccination booklet, nor any other identification number, his true age is unknown.
When we rescued Szeppi from the dogpound he was suffering from kennelcough. He was taken there from the street, where he must have lived for several weeks. His previous owner refused to disclaim proprietorship and thus condemned the poor guy to spend the 14-day quarantine in that scary place, especially in the unusually freezing winter weather.
We took him to the veterinarian, where he was well-treated with the help of various antibiotics. We had to place him in a dog pension for the period of healing.

Szeppi is healthy now and he is looking for a home.
He is a lovely small-sized boy, who enjoys taking part in activities as long as they happen in front of his eyes, because
he is deaf. Despite this Szeppi likes expressing his feelings in the form of chanting and mumbling. Sometimes he even talks in his sleep…
Travelling by car means no problem for him, simply lies down on his blanket or watches the world go by.
He requires constant company, because as soon as he’s left alone the piano talk turns into fortissimo.
Playing with balls or sticks doesn’t really thrill him, only if there’s someone whom he can play together with.
Likes being around other dogs.
Completely house-broken.
Walks well on leash.
Likes the company of children.
Vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped. Adoptable after neutering.
Recommended for a family with a flat or a family house where he’s allowed to go and sleep inside anytime he wants to.

Szeppi is waiting for his new family in the care of our organization. He can be adopted with an adoption contract signed
after personal meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SZEPPI)
Click here for more photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Szeppi/


30.03.2013. – Pötyi is waiting hopefully for your support

We rescued the deaf Dalmatian-mix from the Illatosút dogpound, giving him a chance that he most likely wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. We took him over knowing that it won’t be easy for us.
Pötyike is ill! He needs continuous veterinary care and we also pay for his pension costs.
So far, we’ve received a donation of 10 Euro arriving from Germany. This equals to a 2-day stay in the pension, whereas he has to spend there at least 2 weeks.
We do need your support because it is the only thing that keeps us going.
We understand that many of you have no possibility to take this sweet little dog home. However, many of you expressed your worries about him when the horrible idea of euthanasia was approaching. If you would like to help Pötyike, please send your donations here, because it helps us pay for his further costs and care:

Dalmata Fajtamentő Közhasznú Egyesület
K&H Bank Zrt.
IBAN: HU57 10403923-50526590-88901008
Note: Pötyike

Or via Paypal by clicking on the Donate button on our website: http://www.dalmatamentes.hu/

Pötyike sends a huge THANK YOU to all of you!

24.03.2013. – Pötyike, the Dalmatian-mix has arrived from the dogpound

We rescued Szeppi, the small Dalmatian-mix male from the Illatosút dogpound. He was taken there from the street, where he was wandering alone since who knows how long…

Pötyi is a 6-7 year-old male, he is deaf and he has a very sweet nature – a little shy in the beginning, needs a little time to open up but he is friendly with people and happy for the smallest attention he gets.

Unfortunately, he stll coughs and sneezes a lot, therefore he needs to stay in a quarantine at our veterinarian. He probably has skin allergy, too, which needs further treatment. We are paying for his stay and we also need to cover all the incurring costs (treatments, food, etc.)

Please, support this little dog, because we really want to give him a chance for a happy life after so many years of neglection.

Dalmata Fajtamentő Közhasznú Egyesület
K&H Bankz Zrt.
IBAN: HU57 10403923-50526590-88901008
Note: Pötyike

You can also send your donations via PayPal by clicking on the DONATE button on our website:

Thank you for helping Pötyike!