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20.07.2013. – Greetings from Cara

Hi, this is Cara here!
Let me tell you how happy I am in my new home.I feel pretty good in my new family, it’s simply amazing to have loving people around. I’ve always enjoyed caresses, they don’t even need to ask, I just lie on my back to get yummy bellyrubs. 😀
I have a new friend here, we play a lot in our garden and we go on nice long walks with our family. Having so many new experiences in my life is truly awesome!
Zsömi and I have lots in common, maybe the colour is the only thing that differs. She taught me how to guard our territory and in return I don’t bother her when she’s eating, I always wait patiently till she finishes her dinner. Maybe am not sooo greedy anymore, the other day I left a little food in my bowl so that I can save it to later. After a long day full of fun you’ll need a bit bigger dinner, right? 😉
What about the cats here? Well, we get along fine, I’m not jealous at them, cause we can all sleep inside, close to our people. Every morning I try to sneak into my kids’ bed and most often than not I do succeed. And they give me bellyrubs while cuddling, I just love it! So, all in all, I’m a happy Dally lady.
Now, I gotta go, noon “siesta” is soon over and Zsömi is already waiting for me with a ball in her mouth. Sorry guys, I’m off to play, yeeey! 🙂
I wish all my spotted friends to find such an adorable family and a sweet home.


Photos:  http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/Cara/

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28.06.2013. – Cara is on trial

A nice family applied for Cara, soon after she was spayed. There are three children in the family and they have also taken their recently adopted Golden Retriever to the first meeting. The two dogs have lots in common, The children approached Cara patiently and lovingly. We all had a good time that afternoon.

Cara spent a few more days in her fosterhome. The vet removed the stitches and gave her the last missing vaccination. Next time as the family came to visit her, she was ready to go with them and begin her probation. Zsömi welcomed her new spotty friend in her territory, well, her natural enthusiasm made Cara a little uncertain at the beginning but after a pleasant walk both dogs calmed down.

Cara discovered her new home with great curiousity. She gave only little attention to the cats who stood quite stunned at her sight… their food grabbed all her attention for a while… 🙂 The two dogs enjoyed the endless caresses while we signed the documents.

We received wonderful news about the first days: Cara slept in the children’s bed and they shared their pillows with their new fourlegged friend – what an indulgence!  Zsömi and Cara played with each other the very first morning, they ate together and the whole family went for a nice walk.  Well done Cara! 🙂



21.05.2013. – Cara, the 6-7 year old Dalmatian lady is looking for a new home!

We were notified of Cara via an advertisement. She was found a few years ago and has since lived together with other dogs in her rescuer’s home without proper veterinary care. We took her in our care and placed her in a loving fosterhome. Cara is a supersweet Dally girl. Her overweight is due to the way she was kept earlier but thanks to the quality food and controlled diet combined with regular daily walks and a little jogging she is slowly getting back in shape.
Cara has a wonderful character, she loves cuddling and giving her paws. Her behavior with other dogs is rather neutral, as she’s constantly looking for attention from people around. The smile on her face never fades away. She sits down or lies down on her back to be stroked. Cara longs for human company an she would happily live with a family or a single person in a flat or a family house where she is allowed to go and sleep inside anytime she wishes to do so.
Cara is perfectly housebroken. Behaves well in the flat, doesn’t do any harm and doesn’t chew.
Walks well on the lead, doesn’t pull. She is always ready for a little fun&play. Dog toys doesn’t pique her curiosity so far. She rather enjoys playing with people, that’s when her energetic and active self comes alive.
Cara is absolutely patient with children.
She is not good with cats however, so we do not recommend her for families with cats.

Cara is a beautiful and kind Dally girl. The only thing missing from her life is a family or a single person with whom she could share the endless love in her heart. Someone, who will take care of her for many happy years until the very last day of her life.
Cara is healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped. Adoptable after spaying. She is looking for a new home in the care of our organization. She can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after personal meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (CARA)
Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Cara/



17.05.2013. – Cara arrived into our care a week ago…

Though she lived in a home earlier, she didn’t get proper veterinary care for a long time. Today, we visited the vet for a blood test and another ultrasound-exam, which proved that Cara is not pregnant. She received a combined vaccination and the second antiworm treatment. Weighing showed that she has already lost 3 kgs (~ 6 lbs).

Cara has lost 3 kgs (~ 6 lbs)! She weighs “only” 28 kgs now, thanks to the long walks, she’s slowly getting back in shape. Unlike Dalmatians in general, she is very picky about her food, but her fostermum insists on the strict diet. She even tries to colour up the lazy walks with a little jogging exercise, always carefully of course, not to put a strain on Cara’s heart and joints, which still carry several extra pounds.

Even though they often meet dogs, Cara rarely plays with them. She acts a little bit indifferent with most of the dogs, she is simply absorbed in searching for attention from people, from anyone, anywhere.  A few days ago they met a group of children during their afternoon walk in the park and Cara enjoyed being stroked by all of them. She adores human company and she is incredibly sweet to everyone who comes along her way. 🙂

Cara never barks though she enjoys chatting whenever she is in the mood for some “Dalmatian talk”, just to get a little attention. Travelling by car means no problem for her, she sits or lies calm.
Cara behaves very well in the flat, she is completely house-trained. Toys don’t pique her curiosity, she’s more interested in cuddling, gives her paws and lies down on her back to get her tummy scratched. Sometimes she forgets about her overweight, puts her paws onto your lap and tries to climb up, but she stops it when told and begins to fawn on you. :)Cara is an all-time happy Dally girl, whose loving nature charms everyone around. What she is still missing is a sweet home, where she will be surrounded by the love and care of her very own family until the end of time.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (CARA) or +36303457051

Cara is not the only dog in our care who needs a complete vet checkup including the vaccination program, antiworm treatments, a microchip and spaying, etc.

We need your support to carry all this through and we kindly await your donations to help Cara, our sweetie.

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13.05.2013. – Cara is looking for a foster or a forever home

Cara moved to her fosterhome last Monday. Fostermum can provide her a place for only 5 weeks, therefore we are looking for a foster or a forever home for Cara!

We rescued Foltos from Gyál and placed her in a fosterhome. Her caretaker gave her the lovely name ‘Cara’, which really suits her sweet nature. Cara is a very gentle and loving Dally girl, although she is carrying a little “winter weight” she is far from lazy and enjoys going for runs and rolling around in the park. Cara loves everyone she meets and they instantly fall in love with her. She is fully house trained and is very well behaved whilst alone in the house. Cara walks very well on the lead. She is not good with cats however. Cara would happily live with a family or a single person.

Cara will visit the vet this week. Though she can be adopted only after spaying, she is already waiting for your applications at the following contacts: info@dalmatamentes.hu (CARA) or +36303457051

Click here for more photos of Cara: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Cara/