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10.03.2014. – Spike is adopted 🙂


05.11.2013. – Spike moved on trial adoption

Information and photos coming soon…


31.05.2013 – Spike, the 5-year-old Dalmatian male needs a home.

Spike arrived into our care after a long procrastination from the dogpound in Gyömrő, where his owner has left him years ago. After two weeks of observation he moved to his foster home where he was neutered quickly because he was very feverish and aggressive due to the severe sexual drive that caused him suffer permanently.
After the surgery he took a new lease on life: his vehement nature decayed day by day and his true nature began to come on the surface. Spike is a little vehement and sturdy dog, but he could easily become the perfect partner of the person he opens to. Showing his Dalmatian smile he runs back to you, vigorously greets his owner, gives kisses to people he trusts.He looks lovingly at his owner and takes care of him: he doesn’t let strangers approach him. He longs for love and if he finds somebody to love, this devotion overwhelms the chosen one. He knows basic commands SIT!, DOWN!, STAY!, PLACE! and COME!, he is extremely docile, immensely attentive.He needs a strong, rigorous, dignified owner in order to recover his spiritual health. He loves playing very much, he occupies himself with toys but at the same time he has a huge need for human company , learning and training together. He apports the ball tirelessly. It is highly recommended to take him to dog school, he might also be suitable for dog sport such as agility, flyball or frisbee,  which lets him release some of excessive energy.
He adores walking, he is enchanted by smells and he would preferably explore the whole world therefore by all means he wants a very active owner who satisfies all his needs for physical exersice.Spike still needs to get used to the leash, he is absolutely aware of his physical abilities and tends to drag. Basically he behaves well inside a flat if he has his place he retreats after he sniffed and discovered things around him. He is housebroken and does not destroy. We also recommend him in a detached house with admittance. He is a good houseguard, he does not let strangers inside his territory, he only barks for a reason.
He is specifically mistrustful of strangers, he barks at them. With other dogs he needs prior acclimatization to get on with, which can take quite a long time in case of Spike: he approaches other dogs fairly vehemently, not aggressively but energetically  that usually scares away the ones trying to befriend him so in any case he can only be adopted as a single dog.He does not like cats. We don’t have information on his attitude towards children but primarily we would not recommend  him for families (especially with small children) because of his vehemency and insecurity.We suggest dog school and further training for him to improve his socialization to dogs and people. We await rigorous, experienced applicants with appropriate physique whom Spike would enjoy all the love of his owner as a single dog.Examined, healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, spayed. Spike is looking for a new family in our care. Adoptable with an adoption contract signed after personal meetings.

Contact:: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SPIKE) or +36303457051

More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Spike/