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29.05.2013. – Molly on trial

Check out these cute photos of Molly enjoying the happy Dally days of her new life 🙂

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10.05.2013. – Molly began her probation in her new family. Her status will change from ‘adoptable’ to ‘rehomed’ when the adoption contract is signed.

Molly had several applicants and after the environmental assessment some of them visited the little Dalmatian girl.
Friday afternoon she began her trial adoption in her new home. She immediately felt comfortable and chose the best place to take a nap, right beside mum’s bed. She behaves very well in the flat, and although she is still a curious puppy, she didn’t harm anything and no ‘accidents’ happened so far.
Saturday morning they visited the dog training school for puppy lessons. No wonder that Molly’s sweet character charmed everyone, people and dogs alike. Though she was greatly immersed in playing with her new friends, she did pay attention to the easy tasks. Establishing a reliable recall will take some time but Molly is asmart young lady, who learns fast. 🙂



27.04.2013. – Baby Molly lost her first baby tooth this morning. 🙂

Though she is bigger than an average Dalmatian puppy of her age but her milk teeth began to fall out only today. The reason for this late start could be the lack of proper feeding and care in her first 2 months of life. However, she’s doing perfect and she’ll get rid of the stitches on her tummy this Sunday.



24.04.2013. – Molly on recovery

Molly was spayed last week and after the first days of total rest (on the photo), her lively self has already returned. According to fostermum, Baby Molly is recovering very well. Her appetite is great and she plays a lot with Panka, the foster family’s pretty Cocker girl. The surgery left no marks on Molly’s physical and mental well-being. She doesn’t really care about the tiny scar on her tummy, rarely tries to lick it but she’ll stop it when tipped.Molly is still waiting for a loving family. If you are interested in her, please write to info@dalmatamentes.hu (MOLLY)



12.04.2013. – Small puppy, big puppy

Yesterday Bono visited Molly. We took her a portion of dog food that we had received as part of a donation earlier (thank you again!) and a pack of vitamins. Both puppies enjoy fetching toys and they played with each other happily. :)

Molly has a strong character, she is a lively and very active young Dalmatian lady, always ready for a little fun. 🙂


11.04.2013. – Puppy Molly is looking for a loving home!

Molly arrived into our care from the street without any documents about her birth and past.
Molly is a real puppy in vain. Quite like an ever-burning flame, always in motion, curious to see and (more often taste) everything around her, though it’s easy to put a stopper on this habit with a little assertive presence.
Molly is a highly docile puppy, eager to learn new things. Walks perfectly on leash, she only needs some correction now and then.
Gets on well with other dogs, but one has to pay attention to her when the “Dalmatian mode” switches on in play-time. Some of the dogs don’t tolerate her vehement style. Nevertheless her behavior lacks any traces of agression. When it comes to feeding time, she becomes a gobbler and sometimes forgets her good manners.
Travelling by car means no problem for her, sits or lies calm on her blanket, but she still needs a little help to get in and out of the vehicle.
She can be kept inside the house under supervision, because the little explorer perceives all the objects as toys, which she must taste or get her paws on (magazines, books, spectacle-cases, pillows…). With time and consequent training she’ll give up on this habit, but for the present it’s important to tell her what she’s allowed to do. Luckily, Molly learns fast, if you told her once that something is forbidden, she won’t try it again. She’ll find something else to chew or steal…
House-training goes slowly in Molly’s case but we can see her efforts to acquire this knowledge. We are teaching her the basic commands and she also knows what “no”, “go to your place” and “stay” mean, which need to be repeated, of course.
All in all, Molly is a perfect little dog with all the waggishness and clumsiness of a puppy, which makes even more lovely and loveable. She longs for being loved and she truly deserves a responsible owner, who is aware of the fact that Molly will soon grow into an energetic and active adult Dalmatian, measuring 20-25 kgs.
We began her socialization and education, which shall be continued by her new family. We visit the dog school with her and we suggest that her new family keep on training her to become a well-behaved and tired-out dog in the everydays.

Molly is vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and healthy. Will be spayed soon.
Recommended for families with a flat or a family house where she’s allowed to go and sleep inside anytime she wants to.
Molly is waiting for her new family in the care of our organization. Adoptable with an adoption contract signed after personal meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (MOLLY)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Molly/


17.03.2013. – Molly

Molly is still a young lady, who arrived in our care in a very bad shape. She was full of worms and fleas and her smell was indescribable, so our member took her to the veterinarian immediately.
She’s around 3 months now, a lively and happy puppy, though quite thin now. She received an anti-flea treatment, a microchip and an anti-worm pill, so her ‘puffiness’ passed the next day. We have to wait a few more days to begin her vaccination program.
Due to her young age and physical condition she’s not allowed to get in touch with other dogs, therefore we placed her in a dog pension, where she lives inside during the period of quarantine.
We left her at the dog trainer’s house with quality puppy food, several toys and brand-new warm blankets. One of out team members visits her every day.
We keep our fingers crossed for Molly to gain strength and become a healthy girl.
Molly is not adoptable yet.

Click here for more photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Molly/


10.03.2013. – Spotted babies

During the past weeks we’ve been notified of two Dalmatian puppies, both of them needed urgent help.
That’s how Bono landed in our care. The owner of this beautiful 8-month-old Dalmatian boy died recently.
Molly, the tiny girl is our newest rescuee, only 3 months old.
We must admit that their arrival goes beyond our capacities.