Dalmata Mentés


19.04.2013. – Bono is on trial adoption

Two weeks ago Bono met his candidate a few times and sympathy was clearly there from both sides. We went for long walks so the owner-to-be could see Bono’s temperament and energy level while we got to know a little bit more about the applicant.
Bono’s stitches were removed last Sunday and he received the last vaccination he needed. So we thought it was time for him to move to his new home on Tuesday for probation time. 🙂

The candidate has first-hand experience with dogs, he cares a lot about Bono’s needs and he has already planned their daily routine in order to give his new spotty fellow everything a Dalmatian youngster could ever dream of. Nice walks in the nearby parks, socializing with other dogs and making new friends are great pasttime activities for both of them.

Bono demands company and luckily there’s always someone with him all day long. He really enjoys all the attention he gets from his owner-to-be, they have already made visits to his workplace, where everyone adores the friendly spotty guy. Not surprisingly, Bono behaves perfect in the office and he immediately felt comfortable there. Sometimes we think that he’s a kitten born in a dog’s body since cuddling comes first on his ‘favourite things to do’ list. 🙂

Here are some cute photos of the first days in his new home:

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/Bono/


12.04.2013. – Small puppy, big puppy

Yesterday Bono visited Molly. We took her a portion of dog food that we had received as part of a donation earlier (thank you again!) and a pack of vitamins. Both puppies enjoy fetching toys and they played with each other happily. 🙂


04.04.2013. – Bono was neutered

Bono was neutered today. Last week, when he received the second combined vaccination, we fixed an appointment for the surgery. Apparently it was just in time, as his instincts began to rise to the surface and he often tried to jump on females lately.
We met a young Lab male at the vets and even though Bono already got his 2-hour run&play in the park earlier, the two guys jiggled a little while we were waiting.

Bono coped very well with the 20-minute anasthesia. We waited till he was fully awake and then we put the cone around his neck, because his nose was immediately driven to the fresh suture. The ‘awful enemy’ around his head confused him a little: when we called him, he wanted to step over it. Interestingly, he behaved careful not like most of the dogs who rather tumble over everything in their way with it. 10 days will go by soon.



17.03.2013. – Bono, the 8-month-old Dalmatian boy needs a new home.

We placed Bono in a fosterhome a week ago.
It turned out soon that he received a little basic training earlier. He is house-trained, ‘says’ when he needs to go out and he already knows what ‘Sit’ means.
Basically, he is a calm and smart, attentive guy. His size is getting closer to an average adult Dalmatian female, but he’s still a puppy on mental levels. Energetic, easily gets over-excited and he would play all day long.
He gets along very well with other dogs no matter of their size, age and gender. We couldn’t test his behavior towards cats.
He tends to jump up on children, which frightens them, so we recommend him for families with older teenagers.
Bono has an enourmous appetite for physical exersice, which often seems unbounded. After a thorough running session he sleeps peacefully but as soon as he wakes up, he gets a bit board. He usually gives voice to his feelings with the typical Dalmatian talk just to get attention. If he doesn’t succeed, he finds himself useful activities: chews toys, throws them up and down and sometimes he even steals things like tissues, tubes or anything else he can reach.
He’s extremely playful and skippy, a healthy and slender boy. Has a naturally smart look, his eyes are wonderful and he is quite curious, which makes him follow his carer everywhere.
Since he arrived without a vaccination booklet, we began his vaccination program and he received a microchip, too. Adoptable after neutering.
Bono would like to find someone who enjoys outdoor activities and has lots of freetime. He needs a patient and assertive owner, who will train and educate him the appropriate way and take care of Bono’s needs for he’s still a naive and developing youngster.
Walks well on leash.
Recommended for families with a flat or a family house, where he is allowed to go and sleep inside whenever he wants to, because he has lived inside since his puppyhood.
Bono is in the care of our organization. He can be adopted with an adoption contract after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (BONO)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Bono/


10.03.2013. – Spotted babies

During the past weeks we were notified of two Dalmatian puppies, both of them needed urgent help.
That’s how Bono landed in our care. The owner of this beautiful 8-month-old Dalmatian boy died recently.
Molly, the tiny girl is our newest rescuee, only 3 months old.
We must admit that their arrival goes beyond our capacities…