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20.10.2014. – Pongo’s first anniversary 

Pongó (alias Henry) has recently celebrated his first anniversary with his family. Animal rescuers caught him in February 2013 when he was wandering on the streets of Balmazújváros in the freezing winter weather. After spending 8 long months is a fosterhome he finally found a loving and caring family in October. They often send us photos and news about their loyal spotted friend and we are glad to see him so loved and appreciated in his forever home. 
Happy Birthday, Pongo!

” Pongo arrived into our family one year ago. Thank you for giving us the chance to adopt him. We are very happy to have him as a family member. He received a turkey-lamb cake for this special event. 🙂 “

henryhappy1 henryhappy2


20.06.2014. – Pongo and his new bed

Pongo (Henry, adopted in November 2013) and his loving family sent us this cute photo today. 🙂

“Pongo received a new bed. The old one got used and it ‘smelled of dog’ to say so… We decided to sew a new one for our sweetie. Here it is: a soft bed with pretty stripes on the sides. He loves it! Greetings from Emese”



31.01.2014. – Greetings from Henry

This is Henry (Pongo), adopted in November 2013. Christmas was a truly happy holiday for him as he had to wait so long to finally find the home of his dreams. Being surrounded by the love and appreciation of a family means everything for a rescue dog and Pongo is really lucky to experience it every day. 🙂

“Dear Dalmatian Rescue,

Although Pongo doesn’t live by my side, he feels fantastic with my parents and my brother. My Dad relives his dog trainer years as he practices with Pongo every day and it took less then 2 months for our spotted buddy to walk perfectly off the leash – “heel” goes pretty well as long as passersby or dogs don’t catch his attention. He is an incredibly obedient, patient and lovely dog. I miss him very much but his cute photos are there on the walls of my cabin and thanks to Mom I often get new photos of him.
Pongo eats quality food and so lost a few pounds from his overweight, which gives him a handsome look. All I can say is that he is a very happy boy, he enjoys cuddling and loves the delicious treats.

Greetings from the Caribbean Sea,

More photos:


20.11.2013. – Henry found a foreve home 🙂

It’s been a week since we have signed Henry’s adoption contract. He is now called Pongó after the classic tale we all like. Everything went well during the period of trial adoption. His new family took him to the vet to see if he’s alright and get him ready for the neutering surgery. The stitches were removed last week, the spotted gentleman got rid of the cone finally and this freedom made him really happy.Henry/Pongó is much appreciated by his new family, he even received a handsome photo in his vaccination booklet. He behaves friendly with people, always curious to take part in the everyday activities. He guards his new home loyally and when guests arrive he barks on his nice barytone voice much to the delight of his people. They go for longer walks and play more every day, which helps him shape up. Because of his obesity he’s kept on a diet and he already lost a few pounds thanks to the carefully batched quality dog food.Henry/Pongó is never left alone at home and he enjoys the attention of his family now that he can finally spend every hour close to the people he loves. Similarly to their former Dalmatian, he is allowed to roam in the garden freely and go inside the house anytime he wants to. He appreciates his own spacious territory and the warm bed that await him inside.Henry/Pongó is a very lucky Dally, after 8 months of waiting he has found his dream family and they love him with all their heart. We wish them many-many happy years together filled with lots of love.



05.11.2013. – Henry got neutered



11.10.2013. – Henry is on trial adoption

Henry, the Dalmatian male found on the street, spent more than 6 months in his fosterhome. Not surprisingly, a strong bond linked him to his fostermum who cared for him with much love, even though she had less and less time to spend with the beautiful spotted boy.
Henry often felt alone and thus began to cry, much to the neighbours’ dislike… But his life changed for the better last Friday. As soon as we uploaded new photos of him, we received a phone call: a family was interested in adopting him. They had a Dalmatian before and so knew the breed well.
Having taken the necessary steps (candidate’s questionnaire, detailed emails, etc.) we decided it was time to meet.

Henry’s gentle charm enchanted everyone. He felt pretty good in our company and he enjoyed all the attention. Well, being on the spot comes natural from Dallys, right? His mood lit up within minutes and he acted friendly with the people around. He was fetching his toys happily and went to anyone who called his name to get some caress. When we left, he discovered his new home-to-be and after dinner he took a nice nap on his soft doggy bed. The trial adoption began and we really hope that everything’s going to be sooo fine.
Keep your fingers crossed for Henry! 🙂


05.07.2013. – Henry is still looking for a forever home


10.04.2013. – Henry, the 5-7 year-old Dalmatian male needs a new home.

Henry lived on the streets for weeks in the cold winter, before our volunteer finally managed to catch him. His body was full of ticks and he had fever, so he was taken to the vet and to the canine cosmetician. Thanks to the antibiotics and the love he finally received, he healed since then.
Henry was very shy in the beginning, hid in his doghouse from people and blinked outward diffidently. His mood is getting better day-by-day thanks to the loving care of his fosterhome. He greets happily his foster family and he is glad for the smallest attention he gets. Around strangers he still behaves distrustful and tends to hide away from them. Most likely, he received little care and training earlier, toys are completely unknown to him, he’s afraid of the chewbones, too.
Henry loves his tummy, just like Dalmatians in general. Whenever he discovers a chance to steal some food, he won’t deny it. This, combined with sufficient insistence, can help regain his trust.
Henry doesn’t look for the company of dogs around him. During the walks he shows no interest toward the dogs barking from the other side of the fence. He doesn’t care about his foster family’s two small-sized dogs even though they often express their displeasure about his presence.
We can’t tell how he behaves with children.
Walks well on leash, stops when his leader stops.
Not fully house-broken yet, needs to learn it.
Travelling by car means no problem for him, he lies calmly on his blanket.

Henry is a lovely boy though it takes time to win his trust. He’s very attached to his carers, watches every step they take and he enjoys taking part in family activities.
He would like to move to a family house, where he can go and sleep inside anytime he wants to. He likes being outside when the weather is nice. Sniffs around the garden, lies on the soft grass to take a sunbathe and watches the world go by. Then he cuddles up in his basket/house when it’s time to take a rest.
We recommend Henry as a single dog but he could also enjoy the company of a calm and peaceful female dog around his age, who could teach him more about trusting people.
Henry is vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped. He is looking for a sweet home in the care of our organization. Adoptable with the obligation of neutering included in the adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Henry lives in Balmazújváros, he can be visited there on a pre-fixed occasion.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (HENRY) or +36303457051

Click here for more photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Henry/