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Winnie moved to her new family 3 weeks ago. :-)

We got new photos of her recently. She obviously feels superb in her new family and her relationship with Tenor is improving from day to day.

Tenor wasn’t really happy about the arrival of the new rival… When he realized that Winnie is not only a guest and she will stay longer than he imagined, well, he had the sulks for several days.
Though we got to know a highly social and playful dog when Tenor came into our care, he got used to being the prince lately and he refused to share his bed, his family and basically his life with this pretty girl.
Now he is feeling better about this. Athough the dogs still don’t storm around as real friends but they play with each other more often and as you can see, they enjoy sleeping together on their large bed. :)

Winnie likes playing with “Dad”, they run around the garden and take long walks in the nearby vast lands, stricly on leash. Letting a freshly adopted dog off leash requires regular training and a deep trust from both parts, but Winnie’s new family is aware of this rule. What a wonderful life Winnie has! :-)

Photos:  http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/Winnie/


Winnie’s candidates travelled a few hours this morning to pick her up. Winnie acted very curious and kind, she gave lots of kisses, even to the man. She let them caress her and the sympathy was clearly there between the family and Winnie. We talked for 1,5 hours and when they put the leash on Winnie, she didn’t even look back, walked away happily with her new family. However, the arrival to the new home turned a little adventurous. First, they travelled to the veterinarian, because Winnie’s skin problem needs further treatment. Just as the door began to open, Winnie jumped out of the car hurriedly and got through the fence, causing a little panic as she ran away, the leash flying after her…
Thanks to the fast and well-organized help of the local animal rescuers (Kutyatár Egyesület, Kaposvár), 1,5 hours later Winnie got back to her new family. She jumped into the car just as happily as she jumped out of it earlier.
Now, Winnie is at home, safe and sound. Apart from the mud on her body, she’s doing fine. The afternoon stress is over now and the new family told us that Winnie would be kept on leash during the walks, even in the garden, until she settles in her new life.
We are thankful to the volunteers of the Kutyatár for their kind and professional help.


Winnie has a promising candidate! A nice family applied for her. They have formerly adopted a good-natured Dalmatian boy, who could be Winnie’s future best friend and also help her self-confidence get stronger. The owners-to-be offered to cover the costs of Winnie’s vaccinations that are due, so we are not waiting for further donations. Thank you!


Winnie, the 1-year-old liver-spotted Dalmatian lady needs an experienced and patient owner.
She is very shy and mistrustful towards strangers, therefore we do not recommend her for families with children. She is particularly afraid of men. Often barks from insecurity.
Winnie is a typical Dalmatian by nature: a stubborn and willful girl, so she is looking for someone with extra patience and steadiness. However, she is a fast-learner and she loves training, too.
Gets on well with dogs. A calm and balanced doggy friend would be a huge help for her.
Recommended for owners with a family house, where she’s allowed to go inside.
Winnie is an extremely energetic Dally, who needs daily walks and physical exercise.
She demands to be close to her owner, but she also likes to have some privacy and take a rest in her comfy bed or in the cool shadow.
She would like to find someone, who could spend a lot of time with her and also take her to a dog school. There is much to learn due to her young age and the lack of training.
Vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, healthy, pedigree dog.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (WINNIE)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Winnie/