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Kicsi (Little) – rehomed

08.02.2016. – Kicsi is on trial adoption 🙂

Kicsi is healthy again, so he was ready to receive the Rabies vaccination. Sunday morning he moved to his forever home-to-be. Petra, the lady who found Kicsi in December, travelled with him to his promising candidates, who could hardly wait to welcome the new family member in their home. The lucky young Dalmatian-mix boy greeted happily his two- and four-legged playmates and by the end of the day he felt truly at home. As the family pays attention to responsible pet keeping, they will neuter the boy before his first birthday.

We are thankful to Petra and her family for taking Kicsi in and for taking care of him for almost two months. When they noticed his coughing, they rushed to the vet immediately, asked our help to find him a forever home and thanks to our cooperation, the little boy was able to begin his trial adoption this February. We signed the trial adoption contract and we will share Kicsi’s news with you soon.

We are also thankful for your contribution, your help provides us a sufficient background to the rescue.

Read more about Kicsi here: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/kicsi/

 01.02.2016. – Kicsi has promising candidates 🙂

Kicsi is getting better by now, even though he started to cough lately, he’s doing fine thanks to his caretakers who rushed to the vet immediately in order to begin the necessary treatments. Naturally, the Rescue covers all the costs of his vet care. Due to his condition, Kicsi spends most of the day inside, which is a good opportunity for him to learn the basic rules. He behaves very well, hasn’t ruined anything so far, even when he’s left alone. And when his caretakers are around, he becomes the happiest puppy on earth – cuddles every time, follows them everywhere and he would play all they long. 🙂

A week ago a nice family applied to adopt him. Following several, well-detailed emails and phone calls they visited Kicsi in his fosterhome this Saturday. The meeting went perfect, the family knows basically everything about Dalmatians, now they are proud owners of a Vizsla-mix lady and two beautiful cats. Kicsi greeted them excitedly and cuddled with their daughter.

He’s still on antibiotics, the treatment will end next weekend, so he will get his next vaccination after that. Hopefully, he will be ready to meet his future four-legged BFFs in person next Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for Kicsi, please!

 11.01.2016. – Kicsi is looking for a sweet home

Kicsi received his first vaccination and a microchip. He is a cute, friendly and a lovely puppy, the only thing he misses is a loving and caring family who will take care of him forever.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (KICSI)

Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue


05.01.2016. – Kicsi, 4-month-old Dalmatian-mix boy needs a home

Kicsi was found on the streets in December 2015. He was severely malnourished, thin and weak. An animal lover couple saw the little puppy sitting near the road and they decided to help him. He didn’t have a microchip and nobody was looking for him so the couple took him home.

“We found a puppy, he must be only a few months old. He was left behind at a premise, that’s where he hid. He was wet, his body was trembling and he was mere skin and bone. So we took him in, we gave him a shower, treated him against fleas and ticks and a deworm pill. He was very happy to finally get some good food. Now he’s sleeping under a blanket near the heater, he’s watching us peacefully, tail wagging. We would like to find him a great home, where he can be a family member.”

During the past few weeks Kicsi grew stronger and he became a happy, playful puppy. He’s a friendly and active dog, curious to meet people and dogs. He gets along very well with other dogs, enjoys playing with them.
He hasn’t met a cat yet but it shouldn’t be a problem to get him used to a cat, as he’s still very young.
He weighs 10 kg now, his size will be approximately similar to that of a Dalmatian when he grows up.
He currently lives in a flat and he behaves well inside. He doesn’t ruin anything though he’s left alone only for short periods.
Walks well on the leash.
House-training goes better every day, most of the times he gives a sign if he has to go out. A little practice will do him good, nonetheless.

Kicsi is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and healthy.
He can stay in his foster home until the end of January, because they will be out of home for long hours due to work and school. This means that Kicsi will have to stay alone from the morning
till the evening, which is too much for a dog, let alone a puppy.

Kicsi is looking for a family or a single person who has enough freetime, energy and patience to socialize and train him and help him on the way to become a happy, healthy and confident adult.
Our organization covers his veterinary costs and we provide help in organizing his move.
Kicsi can be adopted with an adoption contract.

Contact:  info@dalmatamentes.hu (KICSI)
Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue