Dalmata Mentés

Félix – rehomed

10.01.2016. – Félix found a loving home 🙂

We began to advertise Felix at the end of November. The beautiful young Dalmatian-male needed a new home because his owner could no longer take proper care of him. Soon we received a call from a nice family who fell in love with Felix and got interested in adopting him. So Felix travelled to meet them and he seemed to get along with the family and their dog during the first meetings.  We made an appointment to the vet for his neutering and after the surgery he began recovery in his forever home-to-be. Right before Christmas. The family’s shy dog, a young adopted male welcomed Felix happily, but they were kept separated until his stitches were removed. But after that the two boys began playing with each other and now they are inseparable. 🙂

Look at the marvellous Felix:
“Hello, I’m Felix. This is my message for all of you: my new family loves me very much. They spoil me all day long and they even got me a lovely dog friend.. My owner’s took a few photos for you to see how happy I am. Dalmatian kisses to everyone..”

We are glad to see another rehoming case solve so fast and easily.
We are wishing many-many happy years for Felix and his family together. 🙂