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10.03.2014. – Cherry found a home 🙂

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05.03.2014. – Cherry news

Cherry is a well-balanced and happy Dalmatian lady, she feels fantastic in her new home. Her family adores her, teach her and play with her a lot. She’s already house-trained and learnt the rules of living inside. They will attend a puppy course at the dog school soon. According to her owners, Cherry is a respectful and attentive girl with a calm nature though she needs the daily walks to release her energies.

“Cherry is the perfect dog, we made the best choice ever and we are very thankful to you for giving us this lovely little lady.” – said Cherry’s Mom in the phone.

Knowing that Cherry has such a happy life, we are also glad that we made this decision.


09.02.2014. – Cherry is on trial adoption

Countless phone calls and emails arrived since we have uploaded photos and information about the C-litter in January. Reading through all the questionnaires and speaking with the applicants took a lot of time and energy from our part in order to find the right candidates for the puppies. Then we arranged a meeting with the families whose attitude, experience and circumstances seemed to be ideal to continue the get-to-know process.

Cherry is a lively and pretty puppy who caught the eye of a nice family a few weeks ago. She had several applicants so it was not so easy to choose the right ones but the first meeting proved to us that our intuition worked well again. Cherry was spayed and after the 3-day control she moved to her new home on trial adoption. She is doing great, plays a lot with the family and enjoys the warmth of a loving environment.


07.01.2014. – Cherry – Dalmatian lady, 3 months

Cherry is a lively and curius Dalmatian puppy, always up for a little fun and trouble withher sisters and brothrers. She loves romping around in the garden with the others and she likes chewing the dogtoys (and basically everything else, too), but she acts quite like a princess when it comes to bed-time. She carefully chooses the best dogbed, the softest pillow or the warmest blanket before she falls asleep.

She learns a lot from the older puppies, watches them attentively and often mimics their behaviour. As a result, she gets scolded sometimes for stealing things or tearing toys apart. Well, this comes with a puppy, right? She’ll most probably let go of these habits as she gets older.

Cherry likes being around people, opens quickly just like her brother, Cliff, and she invites us to play and have fun with her.

In the beginning she gobbled up all her food but as weeks passed by she learnt that there’s always enough to eat and now she eats a bit more patiently. However, she tends to steal food from the other puppies whenever she sees a chance to eat some more.
She is on the wayto become a fully house-broken dog.
The ideal home for Cherry would be a family house, where she can roam in the garden freely, then go and sleep inside anytime she wants to.

Cherry has two combined vaccinations, she will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. She is microchipped, dewormed and healthy.

Cherry is looking for a home from our organization. She can be adopted after spaying with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (CHERRY)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Cherry/