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09.03.2014. – Chanel is rehomed 🙂

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05.03.2014. – Chanel news

Chanel is very happy in her new home as she is surrounded by the endless love of her family each and every day.

Here are some quotes from the letters of Chanel’s family:

“We adore Chanel, she is a kind, lovely and obedient Dalmatian lady. We only need to get through the morning meetings when she greets us with such enthusiasm that we got used to putting on thick clothes. When she gets her portion of caresses and kisses, she calms down and continues the day with a smile on her pretty face.”

“Today we let her off the leash for the first time. We were a little bit worried but she came back whenever we called her name. She ran around happily and discovered the river, too. Peaked at it curiously and after sniffing it, she put her paw in the water.”

“Chanel is a wonderful dog!”

Chanel is an attentive Dalmatian girl, who loves being close to her family more than anything. If one of the family members gets sick, she cuddles to the person and does her best to make them feel more comfortable. She’s already found a few dog friends, as well and we are sure that she feels fantastic in her new home.


09.02.2014. – Chanel is on trial adoption

Countless phone calls and emails arrived since we have uploaded photos and information about the C-litter in January. Reading through all the questionnaires and speaking with the applicants took a lot of time and energy from our part in order to find the right candidates for the puppies. Then we arranged a meeting with the families whose attitude, experience and circumstances seemed to be ideal to continue the get-to-know process.
Chanel made her choice, as well. That afternoon as we met the families, the little spotted girl climbed up onto her applicant’s lap and fell asleep within 5 seconds. Our hearts melted as we saw this happen. The shy lady, who behaved so reserved all the time and kept a distance from the people around, now initiated a close physical contact with a person that she had met only a few minutes ago. Later, when she was awake again, she took a nice walk with the family, much to our surprise, because earlier she was the only one who refused to take even a single step on the leash. She behaved open and friendly with the family and we were convinced that she was the one to know who’s going to be the best for her.  The sixth sense of a dog always proves to be a wise guide. 🙂


07.01.2014. – Chanel – Dalmatian lady, 3 months

Chanel is the second smallest puppy in the 3 month-old team. She is a little bit reserved girl but she has already taken big steps since she has arrived into our care a month ago. All the puppies suffered from malnutrition, which set them back a little and we just couldn’t believe how tiny Chanel was. Thanks to the quality food and the calm and supportive environment, Chanel managed to catch up with her siblings in size and mood, too.
Her loving and playful character come to the surface, though she plays moderatly with the other puppies and she is generally shy when meeting people. She is quite curious but rather approaches us gently but still likes to keep a little distance.
Being close to her siblings keeps her safe and happy. When she’s alone, she tends to behave more insecure but as soon as she realizes that there’s nothing to be afraid of, she lifts her head up and off she goes to play.
Chanel has girlish features and her face is simply beautiful.
She eats patiently, but her curiousity takes her to the others’ bowls to see if it contains the same food.
She learns fast and soon she’ll become house-broken.
The ideal home for Chanel would be a family house, where she can roam in the garden freely, then go and sleep inside anytime she wants to.

Chanel has two combined vaccinations, she will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. She is microchipped, dewormed and healthy.

Chanel is looking for a home from our organization. She can be adopted after spaying with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (CHANEL)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Chanel/