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Pilar is on trial adoption

Pilar has been in first place ever since we began the puppy mill rescue: she was the first to be freed from the dogs, she was the first to arrive in our care with Pepita and she was the luckiest dog to move to a fosterhome – which evoled into a trial adoption. We are happy to announce the good news.

She lived the first 1,5 years of her life in a puppy mill, separated from the outside world. Within a few weeks after her arrival, the once shy and terrified Dalmatian-mix lady opened up and showed us what a lovely and playful pup she is. With her fostermom’s gentle guidance she began to enjoy life and got easily accustomed to living in a flat in the city. She behaves perfectly in the flat, loves her comfy beds and the attention and care she receives. They go for long walks and she quickly made friends with other dogs in the park, with whom she has lots of fun. Pilar is an obedient, well-behaved and loyal young dog, she has already learnt a lot in our care and her mom continues the necessary training with her.

It was great to see how well Pilar and Kinga (fostermom) got along from the moment they met. After a few weeks spent together, she indicated her intention to adopt her fourlegged friend. She has the time, energy and financials to care for a dog properly, so we signed the trial adoption with her.

„I have felt this from the very beginning, but now I am pretty sure that I would like Pilar to stay with me forever. I know that her personality will unfold step-by-step, but I don’t think I could ever want a dog sweeter than her. I will work as a teacher from September so I won’t have to leave her alone for long hours, this new circumstance has also helped me make my decision.”

Pilar’s vaccination program is complete now, luckily the contagious coughing avoided her as she moved to a fosterhome early enough. Kinga continues her treatment against Dirofilaria repens so that she can become symptom-free within a few months. We will take her to the necessary vet control, of course.

We keep in touch with Pilar’s forever mom-to-be and if everything turns out well, we will soon sign the adoption contract.

Pilar: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/pilar/

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