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Picasso moved to a fosterhome

Picasso was cured from the cough, so he could finally meet the young couple applying to foster him. Along with their dog, Vilma, they visited Picasso last weekend. Everything went well, so Picasso could move to a foster family. He’s doing great in his fosterhome, he learns new things everyday and socialization is also on the way:

„We’re doing fine. Picasso behaved very well in the car (better than our Vilma). He was lying calmly on me during the ride. After we arrived home, we showed him around then let him roam in our garden, strictly on leash. He met our cat, sniffed him. The cat is reserved but I think they’ll be fine. Picasso got tympanites in the evening, probably from the stress of the change and new situation. We let him out at 1 am, he peed and pood and then he seemed sooo happy. He slept peacefully until 6 am, went for a walk and then returned home. He was much more at ease in the morning, ran around in the garden as he was at home. Now he’s back to sleep, he’s beginning to enjoy his fosterlife. But I guess, he’d rather go for a walk all day long if he could.”

Picasso is still looking for a forever home.  

1,5 year old Dalmatian-mix male with a small size (16 kg). He’s a loving dog, he likes cuddling but needs some time to come out of his shell. At first he acts shy and reserved with strangers but he craves human company, love and attention.

He gets along well with dogs, both males and females of all size and age. He’s rather calm, needs time to feel at ease and play with others. He’s friendly with children but we do not recommend him for a family with kids. He feels safer and he’s happier with a single person or two people he’s close friends with. He enjoys lying on the couch next to the ones he loves. He needs a safe point in his life to be a happy and confident dog.

Picasso can easily be motivated by treats, he likes learning and he pays attention to his carer. He behaves well inside the house. We would like to find him a forever home, where he will be an appreciated member of the family who will give him all the love and care that he sadly lacked in his „previous life”.

Picasso is vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and neutered.
He could happy live in a flat or a family house, where he’s allowed to go inside anytime he wants.
He can be visited in Budapest.

More info: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/picasso/

Contact: kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu (Picasso)

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