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Maddy and the cats

Maddy met cats this weekend. Her foster family tested her behavior and what they found made us glad, too. Having a cat can’t be a problem for someone who is interested in adopting our lovely Dalmatian lady. She behaved very well around the two dog-friendly cats, acted rather neutral towards them. Of course it depends on the cat, too, as a fearful type who tends to run away from dogs could easily tigger the dog’s hunting behavior. So if you are planning to adopt a dog but have cats at home, please, take your time to see whether and how they get along. Maddy’s behavior is already a positive sign. 🙂

In fact, Maddy is the ideal dog for someone who is looking for a silent, small-size (16 kg), well-mannered and a little timid Dalmatian companion. She’s definitely not the high-energy, all-time active and boisterous type. However, we have to keep in mind that she is shy and reserved around strangers and needs more time to build trust with her caretakers. We would love to find her a forever family, a home she won’t have to share with other dogs, though it could do her good to have a calm, good-natured, balanced canine or feline friend at home.

Read more about Maddy here: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/maddy/

If your are interested in adopting Maddy, please write to info@dalmatamentes.hu (MADDY).

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Treff & Maddy

Treff & Maddy