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Treff is sick

By Sunday evening Treff began vomiting and he had severe diarrhea, his caretakers spent the night awake, took him out every 1,5 hours. Next morning they called us to tell the dog needs to go to the vet asap. We had a little trouble organizing the transport as out of our two team members in Budapest only one had a car but she’s not allowed to lift up neither the box nor the dog due to her health condition. And the foster family was not able to give a transfer either. But we managed in the end.

Treff got examined immediately, by then he was partially dehydrated so he was put on IV and he got 6 kinds of injections (to stop vomiting, diarrhea, to cure the bowel inflammation, various antibiotics, etc.). His eyes are inflamed, too, the treatment includes eye drops and he also needs to get probiotics for his stomach. We are currently waiting for the result of the blood test.

Treff is very weak, we took him back to his foster home, where he is given extra supervision, special care and diet until he gets better. The IV and treatment must be repeated for at least two more days. We kindly await your donations to help us cover his vet costs. He had no chance to get a single vaccination but his medication and IV treatment will likely be quite expensive. We have paid his medication so far.

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