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Maddy is ready for adoption


Maddy has changed for the better since we took her to her foster home two and a half months ago. Now all she needs is a forever family. Due to her past there are situations when her shyness shows but in general she is now more open towards people and gets along perfectly well with dogs.
She lives an active life, her foster family cares for her very much. They walk her with their own dogs outside of their huge garden every day. Her newest talent is that after observing the other dogs playing with the ball, she started bringing the thrown balls back herself. 🙂
Since the other dogs have a very good effect on her, with their help she started to open up and act as a joyful dog, we would be happy if the family who wants to adopt her already had another happy dog. She’s getting into shape, getting more muscular. She’s a quick learner who has already learned some basic tasks. She is ready to move in with her forever family who will continue training her patiently, provide enough physical exercise and to have a safe haven.

Her fostermom wrote:

“I have some good news about our spotted one: She is more and more active and demands exercise. In the past two weeks she’d learned the commands: SIT, DOWN and PAW and Lili taught her yesterday to bark a little if she hears the word “Woof!”. She is extremely cute when she begs for food: she shows off all the things she’s learned to get a bite. I think her weight is healthy now, her movements more and more coordinated. Hédi, Nana and Maddy are chasing each other on the meadow regularly, though she doesn’t always get the shepherd dogs’ way of playing. We cared for a year-old mixed-breed Mudi for a week and they got along well, too. Actually, come to think of it, Maddy has been friendly with and interested in all other dogs so far. At Christmas we drove to the grandparents – 180 km to and 180 back in one day – and we took Maddy with us. She was very well-behaved both in the car and at my parents’ place where she met another four stranger dogs. We showed her the chickens, too but she showed no interest in them. We also went hiking to Pilisszentkereszt but I dared not let her off-leash because she was super excited about all the interesting smells.”

Maddy needs a forever home!

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (MADDY)
Phone: +3630-345-7051

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