Dalmata Mentés

Bonnie has found a loving home

Bonnie was taken into our care at the end of 2016 summer together with Clyde who is already searching for a new loving family. Bonnie has gained popularity quickly among adoptives but she had to wait for the perfect family until now

The new owners – a young Hungarian couple living abroad- originally intended to adopt Orion, our youthful energetic Dalmatian male but finally they accepted our recommendation, the 9-year-old Bonnie, who seemed to be more suitable beside their cats. How fortunate for Bonnie!

The candidates had traveled 1000 km (!!!) to spend some days with Bonnie and to get to know her. Bonnie was enthusiastic and curious during their walks and even when they visited the couple’s hotel room. They enjoyed the company of each other during the whole long-weekend so the unanimous decision of our association and the candidates was moving!

After spending her first 9 years in a dog-kennel as a result of inhuman breeding and having litters in every year she actually has long walks in the Alps with her new loving owners. She is very grateful for her comfortable dog-bed indoor and for all the cuddling she gets. Furthermore, Bonnie and the cats are getting along well. 
Bonnie is a very good example that it is worth to adopt an older friend in excellent condition.

After trial adoption we finally (and happily) signed the adoption contract. 🙂
It is no secret that we’re intent on finding a similar place for Clyde! Help him by sharing his posts as well, you can find them on our Facebook profile. Thank you!

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