Dalmata Mentés

Kicsi has promising candidates

Kicsi is getting better by now, even though he started to cough lately, he’s doing fine thanks to his caretakers who rushed to the vet immediately in order to begin the necessary treatments. Naturally, the Rescue covers all the costs of his vet care. Due to his condition, Kicsi spends most of the day inside, which is a good opportunity for him to learn the basic rules. He behaves very well, hasn’t ruined anything so far, even when he’s left alone. And when his caretakers are around, he becomes the happiest puppy on earth – cuddles every time, follows them everywhere and he would play all they long. 🙂

A week ago a nice family applied to adopt him. Following several, well-detailed emails and phone calls they visited Kicsi in his fosterhome this Saturday. The meeting went perfect, the family knows basically everything about Dalmatians, now they are proud owners of a Vizsla-mix lady and two beautiful cats. Kicsi greeted them excitedly and cuddled with their daughter.

He’s still on antibiotics, the treatment will end next weekend, so he will get his next vaccination after that. Hopefully, he will be ready to meet his future four-legged BFFs in person next Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for Kicsi, please!

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