Dalmata Mentés

Kicsi is on trial adoption

Kicsi is healthy again, so he was ready to receive the Rabies vaccination. Sunday morning he moved to his forever home-to-be. Petra, the lady who found Kicsi in December, travelled with him to his promising candidates, who could hardly wait to welcome the new family member in their home. The lucky young Dalmatian-mix boy greeted happily his two- and four-legged playmates and by the end of the day he felt truly at home. As the family pays attention to responsible pet keeping, they will neuter the boy before his first birthday.

We are thankful to Petra and her family for taking Kicsi in and for taking care of him for almost two months. When they noticed his coughing, they rushed to the vet immediately, asked our help to find him a forever home and thanks to our cooperation, the little boy was able to begin his trial adoption this February. We signed the trial adoption contract and we will share Kicsi’s news with you soon.

We are also thankful to your contribution, your help provides us a sufficient background to the rescue.

Read more about Kicsi here: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/kicsi/