Dalmata Mentés

Donnie, the 4-month-old Dalmatian-mix boy is in our care

We took into our care the 4-month old male Dalmatian mix, Donnie.

Donnie was found in Budaörs. We tried to seek out his original carer for 2 weeks who finally appeared but only to gave up Donnie’s further care.

The sweet young boy loves to play. He is very active, powerful and gets along great with kids, dogs and even with cats! A firm and consequent person can motivate him easily with treats.
He travels great in the car and he is 90% housebroken. Due to his young age he needs minimum 4 walks per day to avoid little accidents at home but nights are quiet and calm.

He is good on leash and gets very excited when meeting with other dogs. He usually barks on them but not aggressively so he can meet face to face with them without any problem.



Donnie’s story: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/donnie/

He might be dominant during plays so we need to focus on him but he immediately stops if needed.

He is willful so his new carer should be firm and patient but as he is smart and communicative he quickly picks up new commands. Just in case of other puppies, the new carer should be prepared for material damages so we highly recommend him to be trained at dog school.

He would love to find a family where he can be inside and outside. The new carer should be a firm and consequent leader-type person.
Donnie can be adopted right after his injection program and neutering is done.
Actually he lives at his temporary carer. You can spend time with Donnie at Budapest within an agreed time-frame.

Please follow our adoption procedure (http://www.dalmatamentes.hu/) and contact us via email or phone: kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu (Donnie), +36309012509, +36303457051

Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue