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Pengő is looking for a forever home – 5 months old Dalmatian mix male

We rescued Pengő from Pécs at the beginning of January with 5 of his brothers and sisters. Our colleagues from Pécs found the 6 puppies at a propagator who tried to hide them for a long time. It was urgent to take them, after a visit at the veterinarian they got their first vaccination and chip, then they came to Budapest where they got a shelter at temporary keepers. We have started their rehabilitation, development and teaching. Unfortunately the 6 puppies got sick a couple of weeks ago, Pengő was quite lucky, his sickness was lighter. We treated him, he recovered, thus we continued his vaccination programme last week. He got his second combinated vaccination.



Pengő is looking for a family and a home!

Pengő is a cuddling type, he is very human oriented, wants attention and gets it though. He is the troublemaker and the loudest in the team. A typical curious puppie who climbs on to everything and falls down as well. What seems eatable, he tries, he has to examine everything what moves. He is friendly and open with other dogs, but he gets close to them a bit pushy, he just doesn not care if this is unwanted. He is very enthusiastic, can be easily motivated with snack, likes learning and does tricks for food.

We suggest visiting a dog school with him, a consistent parenting is necessary to have a balanced life. Going to school helps the development and socializing of puppies, specially in this age when they are impressionable and we can easily form them. With the right teaching and school visiting we are going to have a stable and steady dog.

He is still learning how to be house-trained, behaves well indoors, not destroying, but we need to watch him. He is practicing walking with a leash.



Pengő is a 5 months old Dalmatian mix little boy, scanned, healthy, vaccinated, has a microchip, his vaccination programme is in progress. His spaying will be relevant when we find the perfect match for him, he can heal in his new home after the operation.

You can adopt him in a flat or in a house with garden – but sleeping inside.

If you are interested in Pengő, write to: kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu (Pengő) – please write a few sentences about yourself and where he would live. +36208066919

Pictures: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/pengo/

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7qUu_s7g9t0z6qXJocWBZMZqOKnYXUjm

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