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Pemma is looking for a forever home – 5 months old Dalmatian mix female

We rescued Pemma from Pécs at the beginning of January with 5 of her brothers and sisters. Our colleagues from Pécs found the 6 puppies at a propagator who tried to hide them for a long time. It was urgent to take them, after a visit at the veterinarian they got their first vaccination and mikrochip, then they came to Budapest where they got a shelter at temporary keepers. We have started their rehabilitation, development and teaching. Unfortunately the 6 puppies got sick a couple of weeks ago, Pemma was the first, she spent 1 week in hospital, she received infusion, her state was serious. Her condition got better so she could go home, but she needed a quarantine and monitoring. We continue her vaccination programme in these days.



After a full recovery, Pemma is looking for a family and a home.

Pemma is the only tricolor from the „Pécs puppies”. She likes people but she is also self-contained, not a retractive type. She is very active, cheerful, has an interest in everything, she climbs on anything then jumps down thus she will be suitable for any dog sport. She can be motivated well with a snack,she prefers learning. Pemma is friendly with other dogs, but she gets closer a bit pushy, and does not stop until someone plays with her.

We suggest visiting a dog school with her, a consistent parenting is necessary to have a balanced life. Going to school helps the development and socializing of puppies, specially in this age when they are impressionable and we can easily form them. With the right teaching and school visiting we are going to have a stable and steady dog.

She is still learning how to be house-trained, behaves well indoors, not destroying, but she is also excited at the same time. She is practicing walking with a leash.



Pemma is a 5 months old dalmatian mix female, scanned, healthy, vaccinated, has a microchip, her vaccination programme is in progress. Her spaying will be relevant when we find the perfect match for her, she can heal in her new home after the operation.

You can adopt her in a flat or in a house with garden – but sleeping inside.

If you are interested in Pemma, write to:  kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu (Pemma) – please write a few sentences about yourself and where she would live. +36208066919

More information on our website: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/pemma/
Pictures: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Pemma/

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