Dalmata Mentés

Clyde is still waiting for a loving family

Please forgive me to write the following story in a more personal tone

It was a bit of luck to join to Dalmatian Rescue Team some years ago as I haven’t owned any Dalmatians yet. My team mates mention several times to adopt a dotted dog beside my striped and solid color ones  Well…If I were allowed to own three dogs, I would have a Dalmatian for sure.

And I would adopt Clyde!
It was love at the first sight and it still exists. Not just because he is a beautiful and smart sweetheart, but he is sitting and lying down for hand signals and learns tricks very fast.

In spite of these facts Clyde haven’t found a new family for almost a YEAR! I really don’t know why. I’m confident every day when I open the new emails but no one is interested in Clyde 🙁

What is Clyde like?

You can find dry facts on our webpage: http://www.dalmatamentes.hu
But if I should describe him with two words, he is a ROUGH DIAMOND.
He was living in a kennel in his first NINE YEARS with Bonnie as a result of inhuman breeding. He was not walking at all, never met with leash, care or attention.
He is similar to Mowgli in The Jungle Book. He needs to be trained how to live his life like a dog by going on long walks or just resting beside his carer. He doesn’t know how to belong to someone who loves him.

All of these experiences are scary to him so sometimes he wrongly expresses his fear (may snarl or accidentally nip you as a last resort). In spite of these things he is longing for love and he is grateful for every fondling he gets. I have already experienced it. He would need an owner who can go before these accidents with enough patience and attention.



What kind of carer do we try to find for Clyde?
– patient
– well experienced in fearful dogs or open to be trained at home or at a dog school
– firm personality who can create a safe place which may help Clyde to show his macho side 
– offer indoor and outdoor possibilities as Clyde loves to be in the open air but he is affectionate at the same time
– aware of the fact that Clyde is an elderly Dalmatian (though he seems to be fit) who needs care through the rest of his life
– possibly owning another big and well socialized dog
– accepts a 120 page long user manual on Clyde and tolerates my inquiries from time to time

If you are still reading my post, you fulfilled the first step of adoption
If you wish to meet and spend time with Clyde please contact us:
Email: kapcsolat@dalmatamentes.hu (Clyde),
Phone: +36 70 633 18 93 or +36 30 901 25 09 or +36 30 345 70 51

We are pleased to help you and answer your questions!
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Thank you!