Dalmata Mentés

Zack, Zira and Zora went on trial adoption

A new life has begun for Zira, Zora and Zack from the smallest rescue puppies. They said goodbye to their sisters and brothers and went on trial adoption to their forever homes-to-be. We have met their promising candidates a few times during the past weeks to make sure that they are suitable for the chosen puppy and vice versa.
The puppies were spayed/neutered and the surgeries went well without any complications. Now they spend the days of recovery in their new homes, surrounded by the warmth of their new family. And when it’s over, an exciting stage of life will come, filled with love and fun and they won’t miss the necessary training either, as they are in the most susceptible period of their lives.
The trial adoption contracts are signed and if everything goes just as well as it has so far, we can sign the final adoption contracts within a month. Keep your fingers crossed for the little spots. 🙂