Dalmata Mentés

Winnie needs treatments

Test result: Demodicosis.
Luckily, it’s not infectious.
She received injections against it, which need to be repeated weekly. We have also bought her Advocate spot-on and a wonder vitamin that helps her fur grow out again on her ears.
Winnie opened a bank account for the veterinary costs and her vaccinations will soon be due.

Winnie needs your support, because we can’t cover all the costs of the dogs in our care.
Dalmata Fajtamentő Közhasznú Egyesület
Bank: K&H Bank Zrt.
IBAN: HU57 10403923-50526590-88901008
Note: Winnie
Thank you!

By the way, her mood is fine, she loves running during the walks and she demands company at home, too.