Dalmata Mentés

News about Winnie

Winnie was spayed in the middle of May. A few days later a nice couple got in touch with us regarding this special, brown-spotted Dalmatian lady. Several emails and phone calls anticipated their meeting, which was set after Winnie was fully recovered. The candidates and their dogs arrived from the other part of the country. Mutual sympathy was clearly there from the very first moment and Winnie got on well with the family’s two dogs, as well, similar to her age. The young Vizsla has immediately decided to become her loyal admirer.

Here you can read the first impressions of Winnie’s foster carer:

“Today, Winnie moved to her new family for probation. I was really afraid of her possible behaviour but everything went well. We left for a short walk, in the beginning she acted a little bit shy but Zoli tried to win her favour with treats, which turned out right. Their male dogs fancied Winnie from the moment they met. I’m sure that Winnie has found the right place that suits her needs. Now she has the chance to live a happy life without any fear. They live in a family house in the company of a Vizsla and a Great Dane. I’ve just received news about Winnie: she behaved well during the long journey (slept through it), has already eaten her dinner and now it’s time to run and play in the garden with her new four-legged friends. It was hard for me to let this wonderful lady go since I loved her as much as my own dogs. My only consolation is that I could give her to a superb place, which she loves and that’s the most important thing.”

Since then we have received news and a couple of pictures describing her adaptation to her new life. Winnie’s candidate shares their everyday stories with us on our forum:

“Today we got up early in the morning as the agility training began at 8 o’clock. Winnie joined us, naturally. The training takes place in a ranch, so the dogs had the chance to run freely as far as they could. Winnie also tried herding, she enjoyed it very much and didn’t really want to abandon the sheep.
This time Gordon (our Vizsla) did very well during the training. Winnie has also dabbled in it and she has successfully crossed the cute.
On our way home we stopped by the airport and since the weather wasn’t that hot we let the dogs run for another half an hour. They received dinner when we arrived home, got examined for ticks and now they all sleep like a rock.”

more photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Winnie/