Dalmata Mentés

Tenor története | The story of Tenor | Die Geschichte von Tenor

In the middle of February we received an email about three dogs, left in a garden by their owner. The local poundmaster collected two of them but he couldn’t catch Pongo, the young Dalmatian. Some helpful neighbours fostered him and tried to find him a home. By the time we managed to get in contact with them, they have already given Pongo to someone. Unfortunately his new home in Budapest didn’t suit him. Pongo was impounded by animal rescuers and he had to move again, within a week. They asked for our help. A well-meaning dog lover fostered him temporary but the number of dogs in his home reached beyond a comfortable amount.

Pongo hasn’t been to the veterinarian yet. He didn’t have any vaccinations and it was still a question whether he was microchipped or not. However, a couple of enthusiast (but less thoughtful) requisitors have already indicated their intention to adopt the dog. Therefore our organization took over Pongo immediately (beyond headcount and financial resources). That’s how Pongo moved to our fosterer, where he got rid of his commercial name (he didn’t listen to it either way). Following the improvisative concert of his first uncertain minutes, he was christened Tenor.

They took him to the veterinarian, who found out that Tenor is a completely healthy dog. He was in excellent condition and he received the necessary vaccinations and the microchip, as well. Days went by and we got to know him better. He behaved well in the flat. He was given a spot-on against ticks after his first shower. Tenor appeared to be a good-natured, friendly and absolutely housebroken dog who loves being around people.

Tenor learnt the basic commands in a short time and he adapted rapidly to his new environment and the daily routine. His uncertainty disappeared after the first morning and he stopped complaining, too. He got used to the daily 1,5-hour walks and he accepted his playpals who tought him how to swallow his dog chow at one mouthful. :)

Thereafter we began to search for the appropriate family for Tenor. As his photo gallery flared day-by-day, more and more requisitors showed interest in him. Some of them appeared to be promising and they all had Dalmatians before. Having written and talked to them we made a decision. It wasn’t so easy, one can tell.

Another veterinary exam still awaited Tenor. We didn’t see his testicles but the vets couldn’t find any scars (two vets have examined him), so we took him to an abdominal ultrasound exam just to make sure that he was neutered. The exam didn’t show testicles in his abdomine so we could avoid the surgery.

During the long-weekend in mid-March, Tenor moved to his new family. He was adopted by a pensioner couple, whose Dalmatian died recently. They have had Dalmatians before and their other elderly dog came to visit Tenor in very good condition. The mutual sympathy was clearly seen when they met. The whole family visited Tenor, who endeared himself to them.

A spacious and tidied garden, a soft bed and boiled food awaited Tenor in his new home. The owners are always at home, just like their four-legged friend, together with whom Tenor is now part of the family. The dallies bathe in love and care every day. Beside the daily walks Tenor can be close to the family in the house. When it comes to gardening outside, Tenor accompanies them happily and he really enjoys this activity.

His story is hereby told by his owners:

„The journey began a bit uneasy as we needed a little help to place Tenor in the car. He was complaining for a while since he was riven from his foster family. Now we know where his name comes from. He couldn’t stop crying and singing.

As soon as arrived home, he explored the garden within seconds then he circled the house and the courtyard, too. He didn’t forget to identify the gates. He cried a little during the first night, so we had to calm him a couple of times. Since then he has slept through the nights just like a baby. This may be due to tha fact that he spends the whole day in the garden. We can hardly call him inside and we go for long walks every day.

The boys mean everything to Tenor: he follows Dad as if he saw the Lord itself, whereas I hold the gracious title of servant responsible for catering. He and Aliz get on well with each other, though the old lady doesn’t play with him and most of the times she simply looks through Tenor. She acknowledges his spresence, but it doesn’t bother her at all.

Tenor welcomes our guests enthusiastically – he greets them with lots of kisses. He loves cuddling and he craves for love, he’s stuck on us all the time. Tenor definitely feels home by now and he indicates with barking that this place is his territory.

We are really glad that this love bomb became part of our family. Thank you!”

Let the photos speak for themselves:

More photos of Tenor: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2012/Tenor/