Dalmata Mentés

Please, support Saci

Saci sleeps in a warm room now, in a brand-new beanbag. She needs to get more vaccinations and anti-flea treatments, moreover quality food and vitamins in order to regain her strength.
In case you would like to help Saci, you can do it in the form of donating to the following bank account number:

Dalmata Fajtamentő Közhasznú Egyesület
(IBAN): HU57 1040 3923 5052 6590 8890 1008
Note: Saci

Or through PayPal, just click on the Donate button on our website:
Each and every cent is forwarded to Saci’s care!
Saci is not the only Dalmatian in our care, we are not able to support them without your help! Thank your for your offers!