Dalmata Mentés

Szonja needs a fosterhome S.O.S.

Szonja has difficulties opening to the world. She is the most stressful dog among the Dalmatians rescued from the puppy mill. Every day she takes one step further but the part she loves the most is the end of the walk, when she can return to her safe place and hide there in peace. Whenever she meets people or dogs on the street, she simply frozes down. However, her fostermum takes her for short walks every day to help her get used to the outside world. Szonja learnt to wait and go potty outside of the kennel. Traveling by car means no problem for her.

Apart from her fear-problem, Szonja is an adorable girl: she smiles at her fostermum and sometimes she even initiates a little play with her. She craves for love and security more than anything but she doesn’t really know yet how to express her own feelings.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a better place for her when she arrived into our care, so she lives in an outer kennel now. Though she finds her heated dog-house cosy but this is only a short-term solution.
Szonja would love to move to a fosterhome where she can go inside the house whenever she wants to, also because her bladder problem is not healing in this cold weather despite the vet care.

We are waiting for someone with a little experience, who finds the challenge to rehabilitate a young but frightened dog tempting. It may well take a few weeks or a couple of months to guide her back to this world, to train her step-by-step and help her on the way to become a self-confident dog with good social skills until we find her the ideal forever home.

Please, help Szonja by sharing this news. Winter is knocking on our doors and she can’t stay in her present fosterhome for long!
Thank you!

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SZONJA)

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