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Szonja keeps on waiting for a loving family

Szonja, the young and healthy Dalmatian lady was rescued from a puppy mill six months ago. Her owner treated her in a horrible way, she and the other dogs lived without normal food or any kind of comfort. Considering her sad past, we wanted to find her a suitable fosterhome asap, where her fears would be handled with professional care.

Szonja lives in a dog pension, where her days are filled with fun and positive experiences. She knows what it means to be loved and to be cared for in a kind way. She’s not the only dog in her fosterhome but fostermum gives them lots of love and attention. They often go on excursions and Szonja behaves obedient in new environments, as well. Her recall is perfect, she sticks to her mum and follows her happily.
She has learnt that meeting new dogs can actually be fun, greets them like friends and enjoys playing with them during the everyday walks.
Szonja has come a long way and we truly hope that she her big day of finding a forever home will soon be here.

Szonja’s fostermum says the following about the spotted lady:

‘Szonja is a beautiful and smart Dalmatian lady. Her only ‘mistake’ is that she spent the first two years of her life in a puppy mill, where she was used to produce as many puppies as possible. Hunger and maltreatment where part of the “everyday care”, which she probably got more than her companions for she tried to defend the others. When she arrived to me, she was terribly frightened and acted aggressive but as days went by she learnt to trust me. She made friend with my dogs and slowly she began to accept the presence of people around. Though she still needs time to open to people and one shall court her before giving her a caress. Szonja’s trust is a real treasure and winning it requires devotion and patience. Over the past months, she’s become a happy girl but she is still waiting for the “one” who will love her dearly.’

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