Dalmata Mentés

Szira on trial adoption

Szira enjoys the endless love and care of her new family since weeks. She moved to her new home soon after spaying and when the cone-period was over, they could begin her socialization. Süti, the family’s pet welcomed our spotted girl like a friend and recently, a cat joined the family, too. Szira approaches her curiously and both the dogs and the cat get along very well with each other.

We get daily updates and dozens of photos from Szira’s family. Here you can find some quotes from the letters:

Szira feels great, she usually steals Süti’s toys and waits for his reaction knowing that they belong to him…
– She sleeps through the night without waking us up…
– She enjoys the snow, jumps up and down in it and when we clean the garden she tries to catch the falling snowballs..
– We took her to a short walk in the nearby woods… when the cold days are over, we will go there often..

Szira made friends with the neighbour’s Vizsla, they plat a lot and hopefully they can attend the dog school course together in the spring. She learns fast and she is already house-trained.
Szira is an attentive, smart and clever Dalmatian lady, much appreciated by her family. We are planning to sign the adoption contact soon. Then she can continue to live the happy life of an adopted dog in a wonderful home.