Dalmata Mentés

Szira on trial adoption

Szira is the only girl among the 6,5 months old puppies that we rescued from a pigpen of a private puppy mill in the beginning of December. Now her future is safe in loving arms and she will never have to go through all those terrible things that she and her siblings experienced every day since birth.
Szira is a real beauty and her underbite makes her even more special. It’s simply an esthetic problem, which doesn’t bother the candidate family. Her new friend Süti (Cookie), the Brussels Griffon has a similar feature.
The candidate family sent us several detailed emails about their living conditions and their circumstances have met our requirements in every point. The personal meeting confirmed
that Szira’s dream to become a beloved and appreciated member of a family could finally come true.
Since they live only a short distance from us they managed to take Szira to the vet controls. Thus she could move on trial adoption right after the surgery.
The family sends us daily updates and photos about Szira’s recovery, one in the morning and one in the evening. The spotted lady is doing fine, she is slowly discovering the house and the garden. She pays attention to her people and Süti, learns fast and her playful character comes alive more and more as time passes.

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