Dalmata Mentés

Szikra has a promising candidate

Szikra, the blue-eyed rescue boy, was the smallest among the older puppies, when the spotted pack arrived into our care in the beginning of December.
Despite the continuous maltreatment and the lack of sufficient care, Szikra needed only a short time to open to us. He accepted the food within minutes and soon it turned out that he was a lively and smart little dog indeed. After a few minutes he will greet you happily and this friendly behaviour appealed to a nice family very much. They had applied to adopt a male puppy first place and we found their circumstances ideal, so we met them in the middle of January. Though they were interested in another puppy, Szikra was the one who chose. He bonded with the family immediately and fostermom almost cried when we saw the obvious signs of sympathy there. Discussing the events of that afternoon we had a strong feeling that they would give a wonderful home to our rescue puppy.

Szikra received all his vaccinations during the past 1,5 months, so he was ready for the neutering. The surgery went well last week and since then he’s been recovering in a loving fosterhome. This weekend he will move to his new home, where his family is counting the minutes to welcome the cute Dalmatian boy.