Dalmata Mentés

Szikra and Silver on trial adoption

We had a long trip on Saturday. Szikra and Silver from the 6,5-month old puppies moved to their new homes, where their families awaited them eagerly.  Early in the morning we visited the vet, after they had their stitches removed and got the documents completed, the brothers were ready for the departure. They seemed to be as excited as we were for them.

We stopped halfway to meet Szikra’s family. He greeted his new Daddy with a wagging tail and took a peaceful rest on the backseat of the care while we were chatting. When we signed his trial adoption contract, we continued our journey to Linz (A) with Silver. A friend of his future family took him over there and we said farewell to the blue-eyed boy. Thank you, dear Harald for helping us so generously and for taking so good care of Silver during the remaining hours of his trip to Germany.

Silver arrived into his new home late in the evening. As soon as he entered the warm room and greeted the two- and fourlegged family members, he fell asleep on the comfy sofa together with his new Dalmatian friend and teacher.
We arrived home late at night having travelled almost 1000 kms. Thank you, dear Zsófi for driving so many hours, all this wouldn’t have come true without your help.

Silver and Szikra are on trial adoption now. A new Life has finally begun for them, full of adventures and happiness. If everything goes well during the next weeks, we will sign the final adoption contract and they will be officially rehomed. Keep your fingers crossed for the cute spotted boys!