Dalmata Mentés


She disappeared from Maglód on 21 July 2010. She is a very friendly and sweet dog. She has yellow spots. Her height is about 45 cm and she measures 15 kgs. She’s a thinner type. She was wearing a brown leather collar. On the following day of her disappearance she was seen in the woods near the Helicopter Residential (XVIIth District). According to the last information (31 July 2010) she was trotting around the same woods. We mailed ads online and hung placards with her picture everywhere but we are still looking for her. She was born with lack of oxygen so her hearing is not the best. She doesn’t listen to her name nor any other word. Please, try to catch her if you see her. I’m sure she means no harm to people.
You can reach us 24/7 by calling the following number: 0036-72-833-308.
Thank you!