Dalmata Mentés


Silver – 6 month-old Dalmatian boy

Silver is a good-natured and calm boy, still reserved and shy due to the maltreatment he went through every day during the first months of his life. He joined his mother and the other adults to protect his siblings and the smaller puppies when they were beaten…
He needs more time to find his way back to people. Being touched and caressed were things he was completely unfamiliar with when he arrived to his fosterhome. Being close to people still makes him a little bit uncomfortable and sudden movements frighten him but this will most likely disappear as he is slowly understanding that he doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

Otherwise he is a very gentle and loving Dally boy who likes giving kisses to the ones he trusts. He enjoys lolling on the soft dog beds and he loves his tummy, so winning his trust won’t be that difficult. Spending time with his people on his own is really important for him to become a self-confident dog.

Silver is waiting for a responsible person/family who will take gentle care of him, teach him with patience and give him all the good things that he had to miss in the first months of his life. He needs to feel safe and loved probably more than his siblings, so we would like to find him a stable forever home, where he can be the apple of the eye of everyone.

Silver has two combined vaccinations, he will receive the one agains Rabies in the middle of January. He is microchipped and dewormed.

Silver is looking for a home from our organization. He can be adopted after neutering with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SILVER)
More photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Silver/ 

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