Dalmata Mentés

Silver has a promising candidate :)

Silver, the tallest and oldest Dalmatian boy among the rescue puppies has a very shy nature. The reason is that he was the one who must have suffered the most compared to the adults and the other puppies in their previous home. While his brothers were slowly discovering the fosterhome and the world that surrounded them, Silver stayed reserved. He hid in the corner farthest away, shaking from fear. Even the delicious treats couldn’t make him move, he simply lied down and watched the others play.

Silver needed a lot more time to ease up and take the first steps towards us. It was obvious for us that living with the puppies began to get too much for him. Somehow they considered him as the leader of the spotted pack after the adults had moved to fosterhomes. But Silver couldn’t cope with this extra stress.

A few days had passed when a volunteer of a German Dalmatian rescue organization saw his photos and ads on our page. She has experience with Dalmatians and as a fosterhome for the org. she knows well how to handle rescue dogs who arrive with fears into her care. We got to know the lady better and the photos of her dogs and the home that was waiting for Silver convinced us that she could provide our little Shy Boy an ideal home.
Her experience and her calm and friendly Dalmatians will help Silver to fit in his new family and let go of his fears. This is going to mean a huge help for his broken spirit that needs to be mended. We began to organize the travel to Germany so that Silver will be able to join his new family as soon as possible.

During the past 1,5 months Silver received a thorough vet care, got vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. He gained a few pounds, but his shyness is still there. He was neutered a few days ago and now he spends the period of recovery in a loving fosterhome until the date of his big journey to a happy life.

Photos:  http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/silver