Dalmata Mentés

A walk with Lucky

Lucky’s fosterdad sends us regular updates about the young gentleman. “He is nice and smart and he likes stealing food.” – he told us. We were glad to hear that Lucky already knows the “Sit” and “Stay” commands, they practice it every time he opens the door. He pays attention to his fosterdad at home and during the walks, too. He can be left home alone, most of the time he sleeps on the armchairs or in the bed.

We decided to take a long walk together on Sunday, but much to our surprise the field we chose has turned into a venue for approx. 80 dogs. This stimulation was simply too much for Lucky, who arrived into our care from the street only 2 weeks ago, so he was kept on leash but he behaved very well. Maya, our adoptable Dalmatian lady accompanied us, too.

Lucky is in a great shape, his black&white coat was shining in the sun as he was walking with us and playing with our dogs. He is a happy-go-lucky young dog, basically friendly with other dogs. He is not neutered yet, so the males usually make passes at him. Now that the 2-week period is almost over after the vaccinations, we made an appointment for the surgery.

We could also test his behavior to males when we met Samy, the young Dalmatian rescued from Kaba. Rehabiliation has begun a few weeks ago for both dogs, they still need to learn how to behave around each other. Thanks to the careful guidance of their fosterhomes they are on the right path to become obedient dogs. We took a peaceful walk together.