Dalmata Mentés

Szonja and Samy need a home

We placed Samy and Szonja in a dog pension last week as we had no applicants to offer them a foster or a forever home. We are thankful for the kind help of Kitti and Viola, who fostered the dogs since they have arrived into our care.

Szonja and Samy were rescued from terrible living conditions in the beginning of December. Now they can enjoy the professional and loving care of dog trainers just like during the past month. The fosterhome continues their rehabilitation and socialization and the dogs enjoy the everyday adventures of their new life. However, our dream is to find a loving family for the spotted lady and gentleman, as well.

We took Szonja and Samy to a photoshooting during the weekend. They spent a few hours in the company of Maya and her caregiver. Samy and Maya became friends as soon as they met each other and they began to play and wrestle within a second.
Samy is a curious and easy-going boy, he usually begins to discover the new environment and the people who surround him only after he got to know the dogs there. He’s an active and friendly type with lots of energy.

Szonja took a look around first. This was a completely new situation for her as she has never entered a flat before but she walked around confidently inside, examined the doors and the furniture and a few minutes later she lied down in the comfy dog bed in her slowly but well-determined way.

Szonja and Samy, the two young Dalmatians rescued from a cold pigpen, obviously enjoyed the short visit in Maya’s fosterhome. We would like to see them in a similar environment in their forever homes. We hope that these lovely Dalmatians will soon find the family they are waiting for.

If you are interested in adopting Szonja or Samy, please write to: info@dalmatamentes.hu (Szonja or Samy)